What is Spot UV and How Can It Impact Your Sales

What is Spot UV and How Can It Impact Your Sales?

Spot UV, also known as Spot Varnish is a technique used to call attention to promotional goods and give them a more polished appearance. You might be surprised to discover that Spot UV is a method for coating printed items rather than an actual printing technique. Think of it as a clear topcoat nail polish on already colored nails.

What is Spot UV and How Does It Look Like?

While it may appear futuristic with its ultra-sleek “oil slick” finish, the technique is actually relatively straightforward. UV light treatment is used to harden a varnish that has been applied to an already printed material. Spot UV adds dramatic contrast with its illuminating finish. This special process also adds texture as the varnish dries as another layer on top of the printed piece.

While this process works great on card stock or plain paper, it goes best on color-printed materials to improve the finish, maintain color vibrancy, and protect the material from damaging factors such as moisture and oil.

What Effect Does Spot UV Have on Custom Packaging and Branding?

Products with Spot UV-embellished packaging look classy, more professional, and elegant. Logos and other design components treated with Spot UV coating stand out since this finishing effect increases a surface’s reflectivity. 

The use of custom Spot UV labels is quickly gaining popularity since it adds character and flair. Most shoppers are drawn to the best-looking product on the shelves, and Spot UV often transforms a dull presentation into something far more exciting and appealing.

How Can Spot UV Improve Your Product Sales?

Visual cues have a significant role in purchase decisions, especially when it comes to attracting buyers’ attention. In the purchase decision process, eye-tracking data corresponds to gaze time while holding the object in their hands.

Employing Spot UV technology to generate fascinating visual effects for your unique branding idea is a great way to get started. Use this thin varnish to achieve intriguing effects on select parts of your packaging or custom labels. Spot UV may be applied in several gloss levels and added to a variety of package types.

Is Spot UV Cost-Effective?

You can emphasize your branded packaging (and overall branding and marketing efforts) with stunning embellishments for added character, flair, and elegance.

While this does add some expense to your print project’s budget, this specific option helps you get a premium enhancement for the least amount of money.

Spot UV is far less expensive than embossing and foil stamping. At a fraction of the cost, you can take advantage of one of the numerous ways plain packaging may be improved to increase ROI and brand awareness.

What are the Benefits of Spot UV? 

  • Prevents smudging and ink scuffing
  • Gives your products an ultimate shine, adding character and interest
  • Provides clarity as the high reflectivity deepens the color of the design elements it covers
  • Ecologically safe compared to other options, as hardly any varnish is released into the atmosphere as a gas

Custom Spot UV labels are a fantastic resource if you’re searching for something unique to boost conversions and revenue. While standard labels are nice and dandy, this addition will set you apart on shelves crammed with comparable items from other brands.

You can invest in Spot UV technology to get the most out of your packaging. It will allow you to spread the word about your brand faster, increase attention, connection, and word-of-mouth, all of which will eventually boost conversions and enhance repeat purchases.


The main goal in such a competitive market is to first boost brand recognition. How can you persuade people to try your product if they haven’t even heard of it?

You can use custom Spot UV labels or packaging to transform your branding and marketing materials into spectacular brand showcases you can proudly display on and with your products. This small touch is an investment that gives any label or packaging design uniqueness and charm. 

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