A Brief Guide To The World Of Personalised Number Plates

No car is street legal without a number plate, so every car has one. Now, most people don’t care about the number on it. “It’s just a random identifier number.” They say. But then there are folks who like to personalise their stuff. They will do anything and everything to create a unique visual identity for their possessions, and this includes cars. They love to wrap up the body paint for a color that matches their personality the best.

Another thing that these customization lovers do is get personalised number plates. Yes, you read that correctly; if you didn’t know, you could put a private plate on your car. These personalised plates tend to cost more, but are they worth the extra investment? After all, they are just a tiny part of your car’s external appearance.

Are private number plates worth it?

For the most part, yes, they are absolutely worth the extra cost. The benefits of getting a private number plate extend far beyond just doing it because you can. Let’s take a look at a few of the most significant ones.

They are cheap for the most part:

If this is your first time actually looking into custom number plates, then there is a high likelihood that your previous knowledge of them came from news articles that showed custom number plates getting sold for hundreds or even millions of pounds. The reality, however, is much cheaper. Those million-pound headlines were for cherished number plates that are on the extreme end. You can easily get cheap private plates for as low as £50. So, at that price range, getting something custom becomes a no brainer.

They attract attention:

Unless you get an extremely high-end sports car, you are not going to turn many heads on the road, even with an average high-end car like a Mercedes. You can definitely modify your car to be hilariously custom, like getting it super low to the ground or adding a wing to a vehicle that doesn’t need one. But this is not really practical for anyone but young men with nothing better to do. Instead, you can get a cheap private number plate and get tons of attention everywhere you go.

You can use them for marketing:

As mentioned in the previous benefit, they attract attention. Now, you can make them spell your name or something you like. But a smart move, at least from an investment standpoint, would be to use them for the advertisement of your business. You can turn your car into a driving billboard without having to wrap the hood with your company’s logo. People will stop to read it as soon as they see a custom private number plate, and you’d get free exposure.

They can increase the value of a car:

A car worth £100,000 can go as high as 10 Million, just on the basis of its custom number plate. There are currently cars on the market with 100 times markups because of their DVLA number plate. This is not to say that you’ll be getting something as expensive. But you can increase the value of your car by a significant amount if you manage to snatch a desirable number plate from the DVLA auction. 

Where can you buy a private number plate?

Well, the DVLA is certainly aware of the value of these private plates and holds an online auction for them. But, going through these auctions in the hopes of finding your desired plate is time-consuming and not very effective. A better idea is to use a number plate finder. Once you have the plate you want, just work with a company that provides this service. They will do all of the hard work, and you will get exactly what you want without any hassle. After you’re got the number registered, just contact a number plates maker and enjoy your private plates.

Can you transfer these private plates?

Yes, you can absolutely sell your private plates to someone else. The transfer process will go through DVLA, but there are no restrictions on the price you can sell your plate at. There are plates on the market that were originally bought for 50,000 pounds and are now selling for over 10 million. This works the other way as well. If you want a private number plate, but someone else owns it, you can make them an offer to buy it off them.

Final words:

Custom number plates can be fun and attention-grabbing at the very least and serve as a good investment in the best-case scenario. You can use one for advertisement or just for your personal satisfaction and car customization. Either way, getting a private plate is certainly worth your consideration. Best of all, private plate companies make the entire process accessible and efficient. You can get the private plate delivered to your home without having to go through any DVLA process.

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