Where to watch movies and series online? Popular VOD streaming platforms in Poland

Traditional television is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Young people specifically prefer to watch their favourite programmes, movies or series online. Modern TV sets are usually connected to the Internet and offer many viewing options. VOD, or video-on-demand, is one of the most popular services on the Internet. How does VOD work, and which online streaming platforms are the most popular?

What are VOD streaming platforms?

VOD streaming services or streaming platforms allow users and subscribers to access videos online without having to download or store content on a hard drive or in the device memory. VOD (video-on-demand) can be accessed via computers and modern TV sets. VOD platforms have libraries of content and subscribers can choose the content they find the most interesting.

With VOD services, the available movies and series can be viewed on demand at any time; you can stop watching a video whenever you want and resume the same video later. This makes VOD strikingly different from traditional television, which has a predetermined schedule and in order to watch your favourite programme, we had to sit in front of the TV at a designated time. Player.pl is among the most popular VOD platforms in Poland; for a complete list of the most popular streaming services in Poland, please refer to the next paragraph.

Most popular VOD services in Poland

In addition to Player.pl, which has about 2.21 million subscribers, international streaming platforms are also very popular in Poland. In most cases, the subscribers of VOD platforms have to pay a fixed subscription fee to access the content available online. On some platforms, you can watch some programmes for free, but these shows are usually interrupted several times to show commercials. The most popular VOD platforms are as follows:

1. Netflix

Official data on the number of Netflix subscribers in Poland is not disclosed. Based on online traffic statistics from web browsers, Netflix was accessed by an estimated 4.39 million users in February 2020. These are very impressive figures. Undoubtedly, Netflix caters to the diverse tastes of people of all ages, which makes it so popular.

2. CDA Premium

The number of CDA Premium subscribers is definitely less impressive than that of Netflix, but this streaming platform still deserves recognition. At the end of 2019, CDA Premium had 231.7 thousand paid subscribers.

3. HBO Go

HBO Go is another popular online TV service. It has 1.45 million subscribers in Poland.

4. Ipla.tv

This VOD service reports 1.08 million paid subscribers. Interestingly, users can opt to buy access to a package of several to a dozen traditional TV channels, such as: Polsat, TVN, or TVP.

5. Prime Video

Prime Video is a paid subscription platform from Amazon. The monthly subscription fee is 26 PLN, which allows subscribers to watch movies and TV shows on three different devices.

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