Acting Sensation Yoson An of “Mulan” Set to Take Flight Alongside Gerard Butler in Upcoming Film “The Plane”

As movie fans, most of us have been around the block enough times to know when we’re being bombarded by a new and fresh face that is being pushed by a studio in order to promote their latest big budget extravaganza. We get a little bit cynical when approached with the latest up and comer, and usually with good reason: The acting talent touted as the next coming of Clift or Dean turns out to be more along the lines of a Pauly Shore (“Hey, BU-DDY”) or at the very least a new variation on Vin Diesel. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and one of those that caught me off guard in the best of ways was Chinese-born, New Zealand-raised actor Yoson An, who delivered a bravura performance in Disney’s 2020 live-action remake of Mulan. An embodied everything you hope to see in a great performance: vitality, originality and a peculiar sort of freshness that made you feel as if you were rediscovering what good acting really was. His solid work in that film was a thing of brilliance and so it was that I let out a happy early morning grunt today upon opening my fresh off the presses copy of The Hollywood Reporter to discover that Yoson An has just been cast in the upcoming movie The Plane

Set to star Gerard Butler and Yoson An, The Plane is a Lionsgate feature about a hard-luck pilot who successfully lands his bruised and battered passenger plane onto a strip of land inhabited by militiant pirates (really, are there ever any other kind of pirates?) who ae hell-bent on taking over the airplane and taking the passengers aboard as hostages. Makes one wonder if Amway might be in on this…

 Butler plays the pilot who finds himself in way over his proverbial head, while Yoson An essays the role of the first officer onboard the plane. Joining this dynamic duo acting-wise are fellow thespians Mike Colter, Daniella Pineda and Kelly Gale.

The Plane is currently shooting in Puerto Rico and is being directed by Jean Francois Richet from a script by scribe Charles Cumming (adapting the screenplay from his own renowned novel), JP Davis and Matt Cook.

 Believe the Hollywood hype machine when it comes to Yoson An, Ladies and Gents – He’s the real deal and it will be interesting to see him act opposite of another brilliant actor in the form of Mr. Butler.

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