Thriller “Huda’s Salon” Finds Its Home with IFC Films

It’s been a while since a really good thriller has come down the pike to give us all a good and sick jolt to the psyche; 2019’s Midsommar fit the bill as did Knives Out (in a trifle sort of way). But these two flicks are more exception than rule and the dearth of recent and really down and dirty thrillers with something to say has forced many of us to raid our Blu-ray libraries and imbibe upon David Fincher’s Seven or Adrian Lyn’s Jacob’s Ladder.

 Enter Oscar nominee Hany Abu-Assad’s latest film Huda’s Salon which, according to who you talk to, is either one of the best creepy and disturbing films seen around these parts in some time, or a run-of-the-mill potboiler with the usual tropes inherent to that genre. Being a closeted optimist, I’m going to side with the former over the latter and I’m just happy to see that, after a brief search, it has landed a home with IFC Films, according to our Angel Heart buddies over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 Huda’s Salon is a thriller written and directed by Hany Abu-Assad of The Mountain Between Us fame. It focuses on a mother married to a jealous man who winds up taking a trip out to Huda’s salon for a makeover and a little sympathy from the salon owner. Things go south quickly however when Huda decides to use this newfound gossip to blackmail our young heroine. To borrow an old bromide from The X-Files: “Trust no one.”

IFC acquired the North American rights to Huda’s Salon and plans to release this nifty little thriller to the world in 2022, with the film set to have its world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF, if that’s more your speed).

 In a press release announcing the new home for Huda’s Salon, Hany Abu-Assad said that “To finally have the chance to work with IFC Films and to premiere the movie at TIFF is a dream scenario. For me Huda’s Salon looks deep into the sexual exploitation of vulnerable women in Palestine,” the talented filmmaker explained, adding a new wrinkle to a film that many of us assumed was simply a thriller. “…It’s a very delicate and special film and this is exactly what we need. For such a movie, you can’t get a better specialist than IFC Films and there is no better festival fit than TIFF.”

So pack up that Criterion Blu edition of The Game and get set for what sounds to be a substantive thriller!

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