The Impact Of Social Media On The Influential Status Of Celebrities

Celebrities—they get a lot of exposure and can influence pop culture in more ways than one. While Hollywood has been the epicentre of celebrities for the most part of the past century, it seems that social media is changing that. Without any social media influence, even well-known artists, actors, and actresses will find that their influential status has significantly reduced. 

Small-Time Stars Can Be More Influential Through Social Media

Nowadays, many people in the industry use social media to gain more influence. For example, even though she is not a particularly famous actress, many people are interested in following the Miranda May weight loss journey on social media. She is a small-time actress with a few roles here and there, but her activity on social media has given her the opportunity to connect with more people and gain a following. This is not something strange, because many small-time actors use this method to gain exposure. 

Social Media As A Gateway To Television And Movies

You may be thinking that there is no way for someone to transition from being YouTube famous to being successful in Hollywood or any similar sphere. However, there are numerous examples of just that. YouTube star Lily Singh began her career on YouTube, creating sketches and comedic skits on her own. Since then she has transitioned to having her own talk show, and has even had a few roles in films and on television. Her net worth was estimated to be over $10 million in 2017.

Another example of a famous person who started from YouTube is Canadian singer Justin Bieber. He got his ticket to fame when she was still a teenager (just 14 years old) because his mother uploaded videos of his singing on YouTube. Nowadays, he’s a major pop icon with millions of fans worldwide. 

Already Famous People Still Need Social Media

Celebrities that are already well-known and have a following of fans still need social media to stay influential. A great example is superstar Dwayne Johnson, who has been famous for quite sometime—first as a professional wrestler and then as an actor. He has starred in many films and has fans all over the world. His career even includes producing a few films. Dwayne Johson keeps his fans engaged by regularly posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, often showing off his workouts and cheat meals. Many people would say that he is credited to influencing their workouts and inspiring them to incorporate more intense weight lifting in their workouts. Other actors or celebrities who aren’t as active on social media have less of an influence on pop culture, which tells us that even famous people need social media to stay relevant. 


Social media is changing the way we interact with each other and even the way that celebrities influence our opinions. Stars like Kim Kardashian are finding some competition from regular people who have become “Instagram famous” or YouTube content creators who have large followings.

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