Shahzeb Azad,
Shahzeb Azad,

Shahzeb Azad, An Energetic and Enthusiastic Pioneer, Excellent at Business & Production

Having a variety of different interests is very common for a person. Although, following all these interests as a different career path at the same time through the course of one’s life is very rare and special. Shahzeb Azad is a multi-talented, skilled, and remarkable person. His skill sets go from business, industry to film production, depicting the versatile nature of his personality. 

Shahzeb Azad started his journey of Film production with the startling movie Consequence: Karma. Which is a dark and twisted tale that grabs your attention with unexpected turns. He further specializes in different fields such as quality business /industrialism /production, alongside accomplishing new statures for his company every day.   

Individuals who are ready to push forward and develop, know the chances to be on schedule and outperforming through battles that life puts forward. They never look behind to perceive what they couldn’t achieve, instead, they focus on staying aware of the time, the thoughts, the inspiration, the work, and every last bit of courage. 

Indeed, in this rundown of individuals, one could never overlook Shahzeb Azad, after all the owner of Prolix Powertech (HT and LT Transmission Line Equipment Industry), Prolix Entertainment (Production House in India and Dubai), and Prolix International (Imports and Exports Company). 

Every day, he tries to make an imprint on everything. From capacity to the food area, Shahzeb gave in all that could be expected and, even today is making a point to stay a stride in front of others’ opinions. 

The administrative center of his business is arranged in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Where the excellent business visionary has made a splendid reputation of his work. Channeling to different countries worldwide, Shahzeb Azad has ensured proper progress in the business sector.  

His prosperity, thoughts, and every last bit of it show the measure of difficult work he yields and never gives a need what he hopes to be his. To get in touch with Shahzeb Azad, visit his Instagram & Facebook

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