Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi, We have been busy! Haha

Constantly working when able to now that we can get back out into the live music world and show off our stuff!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Where Is Your God?”?

Yeah. I (Josh) have this opinion that god does exist but he is not what the religious groups believe him to be. I have had so many discussions with people who are religious about my opinions and the one thing that always comes up when I talk about all the bad things that god ignores is “he has his reasons” or “he didn’t stop this person to give them a chance to repent. But in my eyes, “he has his reasons” doesn’t necessarily mean they are good reasons. Adolf Hitler must have had his reasons for what he did. “he wants to give them a chance to repent” well in a school shooting as an example, ok, the person shoots one child. God gives him a chance… but what about when they shoot the second, third, fourth child. At what point does this loving god go “that’s enough”?

I don’t want this message to a “god doesn’t exist” message because that is not my view. Like I said earlier, this song is about the perception of god and those who follow this idea of him.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

So the music was all done for a few weeks before Josh went ahead with the lyrics but the event that inspired this song was the Manchester arena bombing. Once again. Where was god to stop this man doing this awful thing and causing so much suffering? Was he on leave? Did he forget to pause his game? I genuinely think sometimes that we were just meant to be 2 people and that us multiplying is just something that went out of control and he just gave up on us.

The one thing that really sparked this subject though was when Josh was walking through Manchester and there was a preacher holding a sign that read “tattoos for the 22 will send you to hell”. For Context, the tattoo community came together to offer £50 bee tattoos with all the money going to charities and families that were affected by the bombing.

Mad does not begin to describe how he felt about this message. He and his brother had just had theirs done on their hands for everybody to see. He made it about 50 yards before he had to sit on a bench, put his headphones in and get out all his feelings on a notes page on his phone and within 10/15 minutes, the lyrics were done. They have had no edit or change since that day and we are happy with that because there isn’t a single issue raised in those words that we all don’t 100% agree with.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

Absolutely. The video goes out the same day as the single on Youtube so make sure you go and check it out.

It is a lot more personal to us as we actually made it ourselves. Josh has a side project of making music videos for the studio we practice at so Ryan and Danny came up with the idea and we collectively got it all filmed and left it with Josh it piece together and come up with the finished product with Ryan and Danny being the executive producers. Proper DIY band 90% of the time haha.

It was a good experience all around for us to have so much control over how the video looks and feels etc so yeah. Very excited for everyone to see not just our music skills but also our filming talent!

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process was easy. I think we made one change to the structure to make the chorus more impactful. Danny came with a song, we learnt it in about 20 minutes and there was very little change. We loved his vision and ran with it.

Recording, however, was massively staggered. We were sat on the song for maybe a year before recording it, which we did with a previous drummer. Ryan joined the band a month or so before the pandemic started and he changed the drums to suit his style and it actually gelled so well so we went back in to the studio maybe 6 months after that to do his drums. We have been sat on this finished song ever since waiting for the opportunity to go out and show the fans and potential new fans this track. We have been releasing songs in the pandemic knowing we couldn’t go and back it up with gigs even though we did do live streams but we felt too passionate about this track to not give it the full backing we could possibly achieve so we have waited for the live music scene to be reopened.

What role does Manchester play in your music?

Manchester plays a huge part. It’s our home, it’s in our T-shirt design. It is where most of our fans and shows are based! We reference the city in our tracks on more than one occasion and I feel like the Mancunian attitude comes across in our music. I, personally, see the Manchester scene as a no nonsense place for music. You are only going to get the opportunity if you are willing to work hard to get it and prove that you are grateful once you have it. That means promoting it properly and not expecting the promoter to do 100% of the work. It is between you, the promoter and the venue to make a show successful and everyone we have ever worked with in the city has been amazing to build a show with. We love the city.

How has Biffy Clyro and Muse influenced your writing?

Muse is only really dominant in this track as an influence really other than maybe some of the guitar effects and sounds in sections of other tracks maybe but we would say this is our strongest, Muse esc sounding track. As for Biffy, we love, LOVE loud, long outros. Biffy Clyro are absolutely great at these and if we could make something that even slightly replicates that then we know we have a good song on our hands. This single doesn’t have an outro like that as we were trying to keep the timing more radio friendly and for the sake of impact of the message also. But we have loads of fun playing loud, riffy, hooky outros that we can just throw ourselves around and enjoy ourselves with.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Yes, although there is nothing in the pipeline for a release now, we have tons of songs ready, more to demo and try out and once we have settled down a bit and got back into the gigging scene and introduced more people to our new drummer who has only been able to do the one live show with us so far even though he has been here near 2 years. We will sit down and decide what we are going to do with them. Maybe and most likely an EP but there are so many tunes in this list that we are super proud of so I wouldn’t be surprised it turns in to an album! We will have to wait and see.

But yeah for now. We need our foot in the door of live music again and we need to probably get on a tour to gain more exposure.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

No release in mind unfortunately but we definitely want it done and out this year or at least early 2022. We will have to see what life throws at us. We weren’t expecting 14 months out due to a worldwide pandemic so I wouldn’t want to jinx anything haha. Josh also has a reoccurring health issue as he has Crohns disease and he spends at least a week out of a month in hospital but we are hoping that he can get that under control now that he is on the correct treatment. So for timing, we will really have to see what obstacles occur.

As for a title, no idea. We have been told by our usual producer that a lot of our track names are actually sayings like “no brainer” or “swinging for the fences” so maybe it will be along the lines of that. Really depends what makes the cut. We named our last EP once it was finished so we will probably end up doing the same this time.

What else is happening next in We The North’s world?

Honestly, we are just grinding away making sure that every step we take is a forward step. We want to get on a tour with a band that will really suit us and possibly poach some fans in the process.

We are going to work on more music, gig what we have written in lockdown and see what people react to the best. When we know what the fans react to best then we will make a plan and get the right tracks down on an EP or album.

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