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Chef Bee’S new single “Don’t Know Ya” is the talk of the town right now

Chef Bee has taken the house music scene by the storm. His new single “Don’t know ya” is truly a musical ride as it quite literally is sure to sauce up the listener. Trending all over the internet with almost 4000 streams, “Don’t know ya” has put Chef Bee in a league of his own.

Chef Bee has embodied the sound of dance and house music through his music. Though music started as a hobby for Nick, he has slowly turned this hobby into a promising career with his charisma and talent.

“Don’t know ya” was released in 2021 and produced by Rumor Records. They have truly outdone themselves with flawless production and mastering. “Don’t know ya” is one of those tracks that will have you dancing on your feet even when you don’t want to.

If you’re looking for a fresh breath of air in house music, look no further. Nick’s upbeat music will satiate your need for music. His EP contains three songs: “Burning up,” “Need you right now,” and “Don’t know ya.” With over 12,000 total streams, the songs are slowly gaining popularity.

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