WoW Shadowlands Boosting

WoW Shadowlands Boosting to Reach New Heights

Quests in WoW Shadowlands can be tiring and require a lot of time and energy spent. Other activities are boring, and locations are too difficult to access. If you are struggling with some of those problems, why not try WoW boost? Gamers often hesitate about this type of help. It can be unsafe, and everyone heard unpleasant cases with stolen and banned accounts already. Still, there is a way to have a positive experience.

Choosing a reliable booster is a solution. For example, let’s listen to our friends from Cake Boost telling us about their services and special offers. Also, they explain why their boosting services are safe.

How Does WoW Boosting Work?

The process of boosting goes through a few stages.

  1. A client chooses a type of help they want to receive. Just select the needed service from the list of offers. Then you may choose additional options.
  2. After you tap “Buy” and enter contact information, a team confirms the details.
  3. Then you have access to the updates of your order. On your request, you receive a stream of your boosting.
  4. A booster with suitable experience and skills starts completing the task.
  5. As a client, you can just relax and wait for the next update.

It is important to remember that an owner of an account shouldn’t access it while boosting is in process. It helps to eliminate technical issues and chances to get an account banned. You may not worry about your data’s safety, because boosters see the bare minimum of your personal information to complete the task. With self-played services, no one else contacts with data, which guarantees safety and security.

Popular Offers

There are a few categories of boosting available, with many variants in each one.

Powerlevelling & Gearing

Only a few gamers like this step of gaming. With boosting you can skip it all. There you can receive:

  • 1-60 and 50-60 custom leveling;
  • Korthia, The Maw, and Torghast unlock;
  • full 200-240 item level;
  • full gear of many types.

For those and other tasks, there is an option of assistance from qualified gamers.


Cake Boost’s top gamers can complete raids with or without your participation. It is a great type of boosting and receiving an experience of gaming with pros. There are different raids available (Sanctum of Domination, Timewalking Raids, and others).

PvP Boosts

With the help of a professional player, you can rise to the top of the Arena and RBG and receive exclusive artifacts. An expert can be your coach, back you up, or win a fight for you. Choose suitable options and enjoy WoW Shadowlands’ most thrilling parts! 

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