Who is Khadim Bâ, the committed Senegalese businessman?

Khadim Ba comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His late maternal grandfather Idrissa Gueye, was probably one of the first Senegalese to invest in the industry.

This stimulating environment, in addition to a rare talent, has made him one of the young entrepreneurs who are getting the African continent moving.

An international academic career

After graduating from HEC Montreal with a specialisation in hydrocarbon management, he decided in 2006 to return to Senegal with the ambition to actively participate in the development of his native land. Yearning for investment and challenges, at only 25 years old, he masterfully led the takeover of West African Lease-purchase Company, Locafrique. From a company that went bankrupt in 2010, ten years later he succeeded in turning it into the leading financial institution in Senegal and the second largest in the UMOA zone, with a total balance sheet of more than 100 billion FCFA.

Locafrique’s transformation into the number one leasing company in Senegal

The new impetus he gave to Locafrique was quickly noticed on the international scene. He succeeded in gaining the confidence of USAID-US Agency for International Development, with whom he promotes financing models to support Senegalese agriculture.

In 2017, the London Chamber of Commerce admitted Locafrique to the coveted circle of “Africa’s most inspiring and entrepreneurial businesses”.

A talented businessman, Locafrique’s Managing Director has an undeniable taste for investment, which leads him to continually explore new business sectors.

With the Locafrique Group through a dozen subsidiaries and holdings, he has become a leading operator in several areas of the economy, including

  • Refining of petroleum products
  • Oil products trading
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Banking and finance
  • Financial consultancy
  • Construction and public works
  • Real estate development
  • Car Dealerships
  • Health
  • Air transport and transit.

Towards energy independence and improving the country’s health system

Impassioned by energy, Khadim Ba made a remarkable entry into the shareholding of SAR, the oldest refinery company in West Africa, in 2017 with a significant 34% stake.

In 2020, alongside other members of West African Energy, he participated in the building project of the largest power plant in West Africa with a capacity of 300 megawatts.

As a businessman, concerned about the impact of his investments on the daily life of his fellow citizens, he has just taken a 51% majority stake in the Dakar International Hospital (HID), which will provide Senegal and the sub-region with a high-level private hospital that does not exist in the current health care offer and that meets international quality standards.

A convinced philanthropist

A man with a big heart, Khadim Ba has been involved in charitable and humanitarian projects, the most recent of which is the renovation and equipping of the socio-medical centre for war wounded and disabled people, Keur Jambar Yi.

He distinguished himself, among other things, by his participation in the appeal launched by the African Union in the joint response to the Covid19 pandemic, with a donation of USD 500,000 (FCFA 250 million), which followed support of USD 1,500,000 (FCFA 750 million) to the Senegalese people.

For this young entrepreneur, the secret of success can be summed up in a few words: “knowing how to transform constraints into opportunities”.

According to him, believing in oneself and one’s abilities should be the ethos of those who dare to succeed.

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