Steps to start freelancing?

What is freelance digital advertising?

You basically help companies market their products and services online by freelance digital marketing. Your task is to reach your client’s target market, drive them to the client’s site, and convert them into paying customers. It’s easy, right?

What are the various types of digital marketing?

There are many types of digital marketing. Some are more technical than others. This section will break down the various categories of digital marketing.

Content marketing

You can further categorize content marketing into three categories: writing, distribution, and strategy.

content marketing content strategy distribution

Content strategy is the process of mapping out the content plan for your client. Your goal is to determine what content appeals to your client’s target audience and to drive them to take an action. Sign up for our newsletter Follow your client on social media Purchase a product?

Content writing is another option. It’s, well, writing. Freelancers tend to choose to focus on one or two content types. There are many options, such as whitepapers and eBooks, blog articles, whitepapers, whitepapers, eBooks and landing pages.

The last but not the least is content distribution. This involves promoting your client’s content and driving traffic back to their website. You can use a variety of techniques here including content syndication and posting on social media channels.

Social media

Social media is basically the posting of content to your client’s social networks to promote their brand. Although social media may sound simple, there is a science behind it. You will need to know how to optimize posts for maximum engagement and reach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of getting your client’s website to rank high on Google (preferably, on the first page).

SEO organic:

This particular area of digital marketing has many facets. There are keyword research, on page optimization, off-page optimization and many other things. Companies are investing more in SEO because consumers are researching products and services online prior to making a purchase. For example in my domain ranking for keyword “SEO expert in Chennai” would yield more visitors to my website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is not the same as SEO. SEO deals with getting a website to rank organically. SEM, however, involves increasing a client’s visibility in search engines through paid methods like PPC ads. PPC ads are an integral part of digital marketing strategies for most companies. They’re especially useful for those who want to quickly increase sales and revenues.


The pros and cons of digital marketing freelance

Let’s now get to know the various types of digital marketing. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons associated with freelancing.


Here are the pros.

There is no boss

  • You have the power to choose when and where you work.
  • You decide where you want work
  • Each project is unique; you won’t get bored
  • You decide how much you earn. There is no set salary increase cap.

Let us sum it up: The beauty of being a freelance digital marketing consultant is that you can work on your own terms and in your own way.

Freelance marketing management

Many digital marketers travel the globe while working as freelancers. You can even work from a lounger in a private villa in Bali, provided the Wifi is good. For stay-at-home parents looking to make some extra cash, freelance digital marketing can also be a great option. You can work remotely from your home and adjust your hours to fit your needs.

There are many freelancing opportunities. Let’s now talk about the benefits of freelance digital marketing. Although this may sound bold, we are going to be the first to admit that digital marketing is virtually recession-proof. Digital marketing is all about driving demand. This is something every business depends on to survive.

What do you believe will happen if times are difficult? Your client may have to reduce their marketing budgets. However, this cut will likely come from PR and advertising (non-digital), not digital marketing. Digital marketing is a more effective way for companies to increase sales and track ROI than any other marketing methods. Don’t worry, your job (or side hustle!) is safe. You are safe.


However, freelance digital marketing has its pros and cons. These are:

There is fierce competition. It is likely that you will be reaching out to clients via freelancer platforms. (More on this later! You’ll need to be different from all other freelancers around the world.

There is no fixed income. One month you might make $5,000, the next $500. While your situation will improve as you build your client base, and you get more retainer work, you won’t have the same stability as a regular 9-5 job.

Nobody will sponsor you to improve your skills. You can’t depend on your company to send workshops or courses that will help you improve your skills. Things are rapidly changing in the digital age. There are free online resources you can use.

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