Shaaista Khan Osman
Shaaista Khan Osman

Power Couple Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman have made it to the top of the entrepreneurial world

They stand amongst the most successful business people who have conquered distinct niches with their passion to make it big.

Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman have known names in the world of the entertainment business, having made their company ‘Blu Blood’ top the entertainment space in a big way. They also offer a host of other services which have made them turn into renowned business influencers, having spread their wings across South Africa and Dubai. Osman has had a long association with events and productions which have pushed him to excel in this field like no one else. Whereas, Shaaista has also taken on the business world with a passion to make it to the top of the league. The combination of this dynamic duo has resulted in a renowned brand that has taken over the entertainment space in no time.

Osman has done his Diploma in International Management Marketing but sees life as being the best university. Shaaista has successfully completed studies in Naturopathy and Naturology. Furthermore, she has also tried her hands at Law, Psychology and Theology and holds a diploma in Project Management and Labour Law from the University of Cape Town. She was the founder behind ‘Blu Blood’ which was taken to the next level with Osman joining hands with her at a later stage. The association of these two brings a rich combined experience of more than 35 years which is good enough to take any brand to astounding heights of success, like their own ‘Blu Blood’.

Both have done their part and taken the company to such towering heights. Apart from managing ‘Blu Blood’, Osman is the team co-owner of the current champions Northern Warriors of the Abu Dhabi T20 Cricket League. Shaaista joined the Board of Directors for Commonwealth Businesswomen Africa in 2017, and now in 2021, she’s taking up the role of chairperson for the Commonwealth Businesswomen South Africa chapter. The organization works towards women economic empowerment and leadership and connecting businesswomen in Africa to the Commonwealth world. She’s also working on one of her biggest projects to date called World Women’s Network, for which she has already received two nominations at the 2018 Standard Bank Top Women Awards as the front-runner for gender empowerment as Top Businesswomen of the Year and Top Gender Empowerment Company in Innovation through technology.

The husband-wife duo has created their own distinct mark in the entrepreneurial world and are growing their reach at a fast pace with each passing day.

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