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Seth Jared Course Review: Getting Started in Digital Marketing

Jeremy Viveros is a digital marketer and paid search expert with over 3 years of experience in the industry. He helps businesses and individuals grow their online presence through strategic planning, targeted campaigns, and conversion optimization.

Recently, I interviewed Jeremy about how he got started in the industry with no experience. He focused on his experience with Seth Jared’s Digital Marketing Course. He said he wanted to give an in depth guide on the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint and also a summary of what digital marketing is and who it is for, so you can know if you should give it a shot. 

Thanks for sitting down with me to discuss this! So, what were you doing in your life before you discovered Seth’s Course and digital marketing, and what are you doing now? 

It was 2017. I was sitting on the top of a half-built hotel during lunch break and I was covered in concrete dust. I was searching for careers without college on YouTube like I did every day on break. I was faced with the same dilemma that a lot of people without college degrees are faced with. How do you start a career that pays a living wage without a bachelor’s degree?

That’s when I was served a video recommendation about a low-cost course from Seth Jared about digital marketing. I saw a bunch of testimonials on his YouTube channel. Seth’s course was called “The Digital Marketing Blueprint.” I didn’t fully understand what digital marketing was, and naturally, I was a bit wary about the possibility of falling for a scam.

My foreman called me back to work to start digging a ditch in the 96-degree summer heat. Maybe it was worth spending some money on this marketing career blueprint course thing? I decided to risk it and buy the course, and my life was about to change forever.

Fast forward to 2021, and I’m a Google Ads specialist earning a healthy salary that can afford to live in Southern California. On top of that, I am finding constant opportunities for side projects that supplement my income and the ability to work remotely for most of the week.

I’m incredibly happy with my decision to sell my Xbox and put the money towards Seth’s course, the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. The course was definitely worth 10 times what I paid for it because it was effective at getting me into a new career that easily fetches upwards of $60k — $100k per year after just 4 years of experience. Compare that with college which can cost $40k — $100k in debt and the risk to benefit ratio of the course is overwhelmingly positive.

That’s great! Can you give us a few more details about the course itself? 

The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Course

Seth Jared (AKA Seth Hymes) begins the course with a quick recounting of how he got into digital marketing almost by accident. His main point here is that anyone can get into a digital marketing job if they put enough effort into it.

The course then provided an outline of the main specializations in Digital Marketing, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and a few others. That is especially useful for understanding the different roles that you might be interested in and giving you a general orientation of the digital marketing skills that pay the bills.

The online course then goes on to provide you all the main resources that you need to become a digital marketing expert. Note that some additional online courses will be required for whichever specialization you are interested in, but the one that I took in Google Ads only cost me about $15 at the time. The course is really good at pointing you towards the exact resources that you need to just get started working at an advertising agency.

You don’t waste time specializing too much or going into overly advanced material. That is awesome as the best thing you can do for digital marketing is to start gaining real-world experience as soon as possible. Seth Jared emphasizes how to get experience extensively in the course.

Seth’s course ends with a very valuable explanation of the interview process and how to market your experience and knowledge to the industry. I know that several people even sent in their LinkedIn profiles and resumes for review by those in the course. If you need help Seth himself will respond within a few days.

When I was a member, I could email Seth directly with questions and post questions in the Forum inside the member’s area. Seth and many of his alumni are active there nearly every day. But since I took Seth’s course, there is now a Facebook group that is active every day, and there is a great community of positive and supportive students and alumni all helping each other on their digital marketing journey.

Seth Hymes Digital Marketing Course Private Group

On top of that Seth’s course now includes twice-a-week coaching calls with his alumni, so students can actually ask questions in person to former students who are now industry professionals.

Coaching Calls (Blurred for Privacy)

The digital marketing course shows you how to market yourself, as any good career course should. Seth Jared also speaks to his own experience in stumbling on the PPC career path. His story is pretty useful as it illustrates just how in-demand the growing digital marketing career is.

One of the best things about the digital marketing career blueprint is that Seth Jared is a pretty down-to-earth guy. He is a likable teacher that gets right to the point without being boring. This is so important as I find that the most difficult aspect of learning anything new mainly has to do with finding a great teacher. For me, his teaching style was excellent. He has many videos where he shows you actual live accounts and how to set them up.

This makes it super fast to get hands-on experience by just copying what he is doing on the screen. One thing that really speaks volumes about Seth Jared is that he genuinely cares about the success of his students. He actually responded to any questions I had that weren’t already covered in the forum on his website. I know from experience that he checks up on his students from time to time. If you ever had a question about getting a job in digital marketing, Seth is your go-to guy.

Thanks for that detailed info. I’ve noticed a lot of online courses have lots of promises but don’t usually provide that much detail about what is actually taught or how to get a result. 

So in this case, the teaching sounds good, but how did that actually turn into a job for a guy who was working at the cable company? 

Getting a Job with the Digital Marketing Blueprint

In my humble opinion, the best part about the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is how it lays out a game plan for getting an actual job in digital marketing. Seth’s course wisely covers how to create a compelling resume and a digital marketing portfolio. Seth also shows you the power of a LinkedIn profile that is properly optimized for LinkedIn’s search engine. To this day, I still have recruiters contacting me on a weekly basis to see if I am available for new positions.

The digital marketing career blueprint also does a decent job of showing you what to do and say during an entry-level digital marketing job interview. Seth’s course goes over a couple of very important items to bring with you, such as a plan for a Google Ads campaign, an SEO analysis, your portfolio, or sample copywriting for email newsletters. Seth is also really good at providing templates that help with crafting any portfolio items.

That’s great to hear. Do you have any additional tips for people looking to get a job or start a career in digital marketing? 

How to Get a Job Even Faster

In addition to all of Seth Hymes’s great guidance, there are a few things that can help you get into the digital marketing career field even faster.

Connect with the community. In addition to the digital marketing career blueprint itself, Seth Hymes is great at creating a community of top-notch marketers. Several of his top students have taken time out of their busy days to help me with career questions that have been invaluable in getting my own clients and progressing my career. This is a highly underrated aspect of the course. If you take the course, leverage Seth Jared’s network and make sure to connect with experienced marketers.

I would say that if you are especially bad at interviewing, you might want to focus extra hard on brushing up on your interview skills.

I did the course in a month and got a job one month after completing it. I am fairly good at interviewing and holding meetings. I have noticed that most people who cannot get into the field mainly need to work on their interview and presentation skills. Conveying complex information in a limited amount of time is one of the keys to success in not just digital marketing, but also in life. I would recommend you take what you learned in the digital marketing course to the next level by studying soft communications skills.

Gaining Your Own Digital Marketing Experience

Don’t be afraid to volunteer. I know that Seth’s course highlights the power of doing volunteer work. I would double emphasize that. Make sure to reach out to non-profits, churches, influencers, and any business person you know and offer them a free service. I did this and it highly impressed my first boss where I was hired for PPC. If you remember one thing from this post it should be this. Marketing agencies love volunteer work on an applicant’s resume.

Set a hard stop on your volunteer work. For me, it was 90 days. My logic was that if an organization wanted my help past 90 days, then it was worth paying for. 100% of my paying clients agree. I would suggest you convert any volunteer opportunities to paying clients after a set time. This will be good for both your pocketbook and interviews at digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Pick a marketing channel and get certified. Seth Jared iterates this several times in the course. I’ll bring this up again. Your success is directly proportional to the value you can bring to a marketing agency or business. Your best chance at providing value is to specialize in either Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO with content writing, or Email Marketing. After you know enough to be competent with one platform you can branch out to others. To this day, my number one skill is Google Ads which is what I started with. I know social media marketers who only do social posting and make upwards of $6k per month. My colleague does SEO and makes $11k per month on top of his full-time job.

Pick your specialty based on two things — job demand and interest. It will pay exponentially. See above.

Document your journey in learning digital marketing. There is no need to hide how or where you are learning things. Employers will be wowed by your learning progress and blogging or vlogging about it on YouTube is a great way to advertise yourself. Your story is highly valuable in your career.

That’s all great advice, thanks. Now – people hear a lot about Digital Marketing, and it’s obviously a hot career – but most people don’t know what the jobs actually involve. 

Can you help people get a better sense of if digital marketing might be right for them? 

Is a Digital Marketing Career For You?

I think that anyone can start a successful career in digital marketing with enough willpower and a good attitude, but it takes time. It is not an overnight transformation. Just like any career, it takes hard work and a multitude of failures to become one of the best in any given field.

Seth Jared’s course is great for anyone who is new to digital marketing, but in general, online courses are best for certain types of people. Here are some indicators that studying digital marketing through an online medium might be for you.

  • You love social media. I don’t mean that you just spend all day on Twitter or Facebook. I mean you actually love knowing how it works, how to rank content, how to get more followers. If you are already obsessed with the numbers behind social media success, then join and specialize in social. You will be an amazing social media expert after about 6-months of working at an agency.
  • You are balanced in your creative and analytical mindsets. Most of the best digital marketers I know are masters of messaging and copywriting rather than math whizzes. That being said, I have learned to leverage data in Google sheets to explain to clients why they need to invest more in digital marketing. Understanding how technology works systematically has allowed me to do bigger and better things and move beyond the entry-level marketer.
  • You have a lifelong learner’s mentality. Digital marketing changes every few months. Major updates are rolled out every year. That is exactly why colleges are ill-prepared to teach the skills for this career. Seth Jared’s course is designed only to get your foot in the door at your first digital marketing job. It is up to you to continue learning. Since taking the digital marketing career blueprint, I have taken courses in Digital Marketing Analytics, CRO, Facebook Ads, Agile project management, and SQL programming. If you’re not afraid of learning, then Seth’s course is a great start on your journey.
  • You like risk and betting. If this is the case, I would recommend specializing in PPC or Google Ads. PPC is all about making educated guesses and mitigating risks. The mavericks of digital marketing often seem to be paid media experts. If this is you, I highly recommend Seth’s course as he is a PPC and Google Ads expert. This also applies to doing paid ads on social media. Lots of Seth’s content covers the nuances of search engines and paid search.
  • You are disciplined enough to learn on your own. That means that you are able to set your own deadlines and work with urgency. Seth Hymes is really positive throughout the course and I feel that he really wants you to go at your own pace. However, I believe that one of the reasons I finished the course quickly is that I was urgently working on it during a layoff season at my previous job.
  • You need to get a job ASAP. If you are driven to get into the career field quickly and start earning good money, you will be able to work through mental hurdles and personal issues.
  • You have checked out Seth Jared’s YouTube channel to see if you like his personality and teaching style. Enjoying the way a teacher instructs is key to absorbing information. I highly suggest that you vet Seth’s material yourself by checking out his social media and YouTube videos.
  • You are not already in the digital marketing field. If you already are in the field you will need more advanced material. Hymes’ course is geared towards entry-level digital marketers.

That’s very helpful. Do you have any final advice for our readers?

Next Steps

My final words of advice are:

  • Check out YouTube channels that cover digital marketing. Measure how interested you are on a scale of 1–10. If your score is over a 7, then go for it!
  • Write a plan for your digital marketing career. Write down what success looks like in 1-month, 1-year, and 5-years. Be realistic about what you can achieve, but stretch just a little beyond what you have done in the past.
  • Seek support from the course. If you don’t ask questions, you won’t get help. You need to raise your hand. Don’t be embarrassed. Learning is an act of humility.
  • Reach out to the people in the testimonials. Seth Jared has a bunch of testimonials on YouTube, LinkedIn, and online. See what they have to say. Chances are, they were in a similar position to you not too long ago.
  • Contact Seth Jared Hymes himself through LinkedIn or Facebook. He is pretty busy with his course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he responded to any questions you had about the course material.
  • Use the power of a search engine like Google,, or Glassdoor to research how well digital marketing is paying and how many careers are projected to open up in the near future. Write down the middle range of salary expectations to see if this will fit your needs.
  • Budget at least $1,000 per year for continuing education. You should always be learning in the digital marketing career.
  • Compare other courses with Seth Hymes’ digital marketing career blueprint. Most other courses are vastly overpriced compared to his.
  • Get free certifications in digital marketing from and from Google’s Skillshop.
  • Always be optimistic but realistic. This is the best mindset for anyone seeking to improve their career skills and money situation.
  • If you have a degree it will help you get into your first job. If you don’t have a college degree, don’t worry. You can make up for it by acing the interview and generating your own experience.
  • Learn some SEO even if it isn’t your speciality. Understanding SEO can help a lot with your resume, LinkedIn, and personal website.

Thanks again, Jeremy! 

You can learn more about Seth’s course on his company’s website, You can also head to his Youtube Channel, Instagram Page, or personal blog for more testimonials and info. 

To contact Jeremy, you can reach him via Linkedin or on his personal blog,

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