Animated Favorite “Housebroken” Gets Season 2 Order from Fox

In this day and age of ultra-PC, it’s nice to know there are places to visit that are still irreverent and zany, where almost anything and everything is fair game for poking fun at. After all, what’s more hilarious (in a disturbingly wonky kind of way) than these last couple of years we’ve all collectively found ourselves in? Fox has long had a monopoly on the animated spoof, having perfected this particular niche decades ago with The Simpsons before carrying that torch into other traditional animated fare like Family Guy and American Dad. They’re subversive in the best possible way, these cartoon vignettes: They allow all of us in the privacy of our own homes and among close family and friends to take the piss out of some of today’s headlines and over-the-top media personalities. Joining that stable of Fox silliness for the past year has been Housebroken, a story about a dog named Honey who delves deep into the human condition implementing her knowledge of psychiatry through leading the charge of a fellow group of anthropomorphic animals in her neighborhood while conducting group therapy sessions. Just go with it.

 Created by Gabrielle Allan, Jennifer Crittenden and Clea DuVall, Housebroken has proven to be enough of an audience favorite that Fox has decided to re-up it for a sophomore season after the series premiered this past May to impressive numbers, revealed our muchachos over at The Hollywood Reporter.

 Animated by Bento Box Entertainment, Housebroken has impressed with not only laughs, but also the all-important viewership numbers: The show doubles its same day viewership while delivering over two million multiplatform viewers. Currently, Housebroken is the second most-streamed freshman animated series on both Hulu and Fox Now. Those are numbers that are hard to ignore for Hollywood bean counters.

Big Wheel at Fox Michael Thorn (also known as President of Entertainment) issued a press release lauding the show and celebrating its early renewal: Housebroken has quickly established itself as an important part of Animation Domination. In fact, the only animals funnier than our own pets are the members of Housebroken’s incredibly talented cast. Gabrielle, Jennifer and Clea have delivered big comedy and surprising characters using this wonderful group of animals to make fun of the neuroses in all of us. Bento, Kapital and FOX look forward to many more hilarious episodes featuring this amazing ensemble.”

Look for season two of Housebroken in 2022 and remember – Keep laughing!

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