The Cross-Genre Artist Eliyanah Drops her Debut Project “Love Burned Out”

The London-based singer and songwriter, has entered the music scene with a sublime single “Love Burned Out.”

The piece has an amazing musical composition providing listeners with an amalgamated flavor of pop and indie music. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Eliyanah knew singing was what she enjoyed doing the most. After seeing her unique musical approach, Eliyanah was supported by her family, especially her father, who dedicated her studio for her. Additionally, the hitmaker behind “Love Burned Out” never spent a minute without music; she and her brother Simon teamed up to work on exceptional tracks like “Love Burned Out.”

Eliyanah’s latest track is filled with emotions as she takes listeners through a rock relationship. Check out “Love Burned Out” below:

Eliyanah is now on IG, make sure to follow her.

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