Popular Types of Online Social Games

Over the last year, people have been holding onto online games to keep their social lives going. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that online social games have been all the rage lately. However, people find it hard to differentiate between these and other game types. 

To make matters clearer, we’ve decided to explain what the most popular types of online social games are. If you’re interested in finding out more about them, read on.

Social RPGs

The title might not give away much. In fact, you may even think of role-playing games when social RPGs are mentioned. Well, we can safely say that these games follow a similar formula — players collect coins or money to buy items while also performing quests or jobs. Then, they assign them to other players, too. However, they often come across challenges, which prevent them from doing and earning too much. Sounds familiar? 

You’ve probably come across some of these games, like FarmVille and the ever-popular Mafia Wars, Mobsters, Fashion Wars, and similar. You’ll mostly find these games on social media sites, but some have become so popular that they have their own followings and dedicated platforms.

Casino Games

Although most people might not consider casino games as social, they definitely are, as most of them require multiple players. Furthermore, popular apps like House of Fun additionally attract and excite their users. 

Most players who engage in online casino games prefer to try their hand at free demo versions to get the hang of the rules and gameplay. Luckily, there are plenty of such titles online.

What’s more, poker is definitely the most popular social casino game online. Out of all its variants, one of the most commonly played is Poker Heat – free Texas holdem poker games. We shouldn’t forget to mention Omaha and its sub-types, as well. Of course, if poker is not your cup of tea, blackjack is a great alternative. 

Word Games

If you’re more into intellectually challenging games, online word games are a perfect choice. 

Although most of them are casual, these games can turn out to be quite competitive. What’s more, they’re rather social, as players get to play against not only their friends but many other people worldwide. 

The list of the most popular games includes Wordscapes, Alphabear, Words With Friends, and more. Some of these games include other elements, like various strategies. Bear in mind that these can be enjoyed on the go, so you can download the app or play in-browser when commuting to work or while stuck in a line.

Sports RPGs

Although some might not consider sports games to be social, their wide audience would disagree. Sports RPGs have one of the largest fan bases out there, mainly because of the team spirit they evoke in players. That’s why these games have found their spot on our list. 

Games like Football Manager and Fantasy Football are probably the most popular sports RNGs. However, Tennis Mania stands out as well, especially for those players who prefer the one-on-one gameplay. Regardless of the sport, the focus is still on the competitive aspect of the game.

Casual Games

In the end, let’s not forget to mention some casual games that have made their mark in the online social gaming sphere. The so-called virtual villages are one of the most popular types. The idea behind these social games is to create a community. So, games like Pet Society and My City are some of the names that fall under that category. On that note, you’ll also see many pet-related social games and those that help you “manage” a restaurant or other type of business. 

Some of the games that are not really social but still connect people are so-called just for laughs games. These allow you to play a prank on your friends. For instance, you can crop out their faces and place them in unusual and comedic situations. 

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