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Home Office Furniture Collections for Every Style

If you were browsing through different home office furniture collections without any luck, you’re in the right place. We’re going to introduce you to your future one-stop-shop for everything related to home furniture. Bush Furniture is a leading manufacturer in the world of home office furniture, with solutions tailored to anyone, whether you live in a big house or a small apartment.

No matter your style, design preference, space availability, all high quality furniture available, there is a  collection for you. From L shaped desks to standard computer desks with built-in or additional lateral storage solutions, every single one of the Bush home office furniture collections has something to offer.

Below are some of the most beautiful and versatile home office furniture collections by Bush Furniture.


You can never go wrong with a home office in a traditional and classic style, and Bush Furniture has several home office furniture collections designed with that in mind.

Opt for the gorgeous Saratoga Executive or Cabot Collection if you want to give a professional and timeless touch to your home office. The collections offer several traditional and L-shaped executive desks, as well as office chairs and different storage solutions. 

Some models come with built-in drawers to give you just the right amount of space for your office essentials and files. If you’re in need of extra storage, you can also add a wonderful file cabinet or even a big tall bookshelf to display your books, photos, or plants.

Lastly, if you want to maximize space even more, you could opt for a hutch or a desktop organizer to keep everything in place on your desk without having to add extra furniture to the room.


Nowadays, the internet is awash with industrial-style home office furniture collections, so how to choose the right one for you? Prioritize functionality as much as style and invest in a wonderful office desk from the Refinery, Anthropology, or Architect home office furniture collections. 

If you need more work surface than what a traditional desk can offer, opt for any of the gorgeous L shaped desks in these collections. Tuck it into a corner if you want to maximize space or bring it to the middle of the room if you want it to take center stage in your home. 

L shaped desks often come with built-in drawers or keyboard trays, but you can always add additional storage solutions if you need more storage space. 

What stands out about these home office furniture collections is not only the stunning fusion of wood and metal accents, but also the fact that the various pieces are functional and versatile and can fit into any interior decor. They look beautiful in a home office as well as in a living room or even an entryway.


If you want to invest in a piece that is both unique and multifunctional, don’t forget to check out the many kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture home office furniture collections. 

One collection that stands out for its unforgettable geometric shapes is the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Madison Avenue Collection. Choose among the gorgeous desks available and pair them with a file cabinet or a gorgeous bookcase with uniquely shaped shelves to display your books, plants, and decor .

If you’re into cottage- and farmhouse-style furniture, you can find stunning and functional solutions for your home office in the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Cottage Grove Collection. 

This collection offers numerous desks, office chairs, and even TV stands and bookshelves with doors to give you ample opportunity to reinvent your whole space. The beautiful wood finishes and relaxed style of this collection will add a touch of serenity to your home, and every piece will blend effortlessly with the overall style and design of your home.

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