“Dream Catcher”.  Whitney Tai’s latest single moves your blood while it floats your mind.

Whitney Tai’s latest release, “Dream Catcher”, brings together her innate feel for the deeply personal and Harry Vato’s  driving electronic throb that keeps your blood moving while your mind and heart drift with the mystical lyrics and Tai’s  child-woman voice. 

And as always, in “Dream Catcher”, Tai talks to you, she whispers in your ear, she quickens your pulse as she croons “I’ll try to be patient /but my thoughts are too loud to take it slow”.

Slow is not an option with “Dreamcatcher”.  For this single, Tai as teamed up with Canadian drummer and producer Harry Vato to produce a high tempo electro pop cruise that is both urgent and enchanting, cosmic and yet personal, hypnotic  and exhilarating.  It moves beyond her earlier works like the more melodic  “Starfish” and  the wistful “Sleepwalking to the Moon” in form and tempo, but at its heart, “Dream Catcher” spools out withe same seductive trademark intensity that runs through all of her songs.

In “Dream Catcher” Tai sings ,“There is no distance between us/Two angels high above the night” and she makes it come true. Listening to “Dream Catcher” you are one of those  angels soaring in the night and she is the other one,  there in your ear with the same profound magical essence that is Tai and her music.

Whitney Tai has been developing and evolving that magic for long before the release of Metamorphosis in 2015.  Each new song and album has expanded her compositions conceptually and musically, giving the world stunning and healing masterworks like the heart-wrenching  “The Cure”,  and now  “Dream Catcher”, proving that she is a true musical genius and one of the most underappreciated artists in the 21st Century. Put on your best headphones and soar in the night with Whitney Tai and “Dream Catcher”.

 Patrick O’Heffernan, Music Sin Fronteras

Dream Catcher, Whitney Tai and Harry Vato.  Written by Whitney Tai Vlasatay and Ricardo Dessi.  Released 2021.  Available on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Tidal, YouTube, deezer.

Whitney Tai. https://www.whitneytaimusic.com/

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