The future of Cannabis in Spain

Spain is characterized for being a country where many of its inhabitants frequently consume the Cannabis plant, or in any case, its medicinal derivatives. However, this plant is not really legalized and regularized in the country, causing great discontent among the Spanish population. 

Surely you must be wondering, is it expected that in the near future Spain will be much more accepting of cannabis? Below we will be talking much more about the current context and the future of Cannabis in the Spanish country. 

The current context of cannabis in Spain. 

During the last few years, Spain has been going through an imbalance within its social, governmental, and economic processes, mainly due to the health crisis caused by external factors that have occurred in the last few years. This has undoubtedly caused a slowdown of any project related to cannabis. 

This means that the Spanish state has undoubtedly been much more focused on economic issues within the country, leaving aside any conversation regarding the legalization of cannabis within the country. 

This has caused many people living in Spain to yearn for a greater regularization of the plant in the near future, in order to contribute positively to the financial crisis that the country is going through. In the current context, we can visualize many social Cannabis Clubs that are not completely allowed in Spain. 

Evolution of Cannabis in Spain 

Below we will be analyzing certain topics of the evolution of Cannabis that will surely help us to better analyze different perspectives in order to envision the future of cannabis in Spain. 

Social Consumption Model 

The way in which Cannabis is consumed in social environments has evolved in a great way within the country, mainly through Cannabis Social Clubs. These clubs carry out different activities from seed cultivation to social gatherings for recreational consumption. Cannabis clubs Barcelona is very well known in the city. 

Even so, these clubs are not yet fully legalized, causing them to constantly suffer from fines and criminal offenses, which have a great impact on the clubs. Although they have developed in a great way, and have evolved the consumption of cannabis in the country, the CSCs have lost great operability due to the continuous legal attacks. 

Medical Cannabis and scientific purposes 

Throughout the world, it has become evident how beneficial medical cannabis, better known as CBD, can be for many diseases and their prevention. 

However, the evolution of the same within Spain has also been scarce, since the legislative initiatives related to the regularization of CBD are currently blocked in Spain. 

However, at the moment the cultivation of cannabis is moderately accepted for scientific purposes and production for export, being in this way a good start for the acceptance of its production in general. 

Hemp for industrial uses 

One of the great evolutions of cannabis within the country has been through the hemp industry since in recent years the country has been cultivating a large number of hectares of industrial hemp. 

Let’s remember that hemp is a plant variant of cannabis that can be used in the industry for the creation of many materials, being this area the one that has evolved the most within the country. 

What are the predictions for cannabis in Spain for the next few years?

Making predictions regarding cannabis in a country like Spain is a bit complicated, during the last few years we have seen very little progress regarding the regularization of this plant within the country, even when many other European countries have already been working on the regularization and legalization of cannabis. 

This leaves us with the question, how long will Spain have to wait to use cannabis in a legal way, most probably in the following years we will see many changes related to this, especially because of the number of people in Spain that are in agreement to regularize this plant. 

Besides, the government has shown to be open to the discussion of this topic before 2020, which gives hope of a change given that the social and economic scenarios improve. Thus, giving Spain a chance to retake on topics such as the legalization of cannabis consumption and sale.


While the scenario for the evolution of cannabis may not look the best, the world is currently in the midst of a big change, and Spain will surely enter into it as well. The legalization and further regularization of cannabis in Spain is an event that many people within the country are often fighting for.

Developments will dictate the future of cannabis in Spain will change as the laws move forward to legalization. Keep in mind that the law is usually following the people and not otherwise; this, must be summed to Spain’s government need for other sources of tax income.

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