The Right Way to Do Video Game Localization

Playing video games has always been a hobby for many people. With time, this hobby has transformed into a passionate endeavor pursued by a lot of people around the world. With games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, FIFA, Pubg, and Fortnite, the appeal of video games has ameliorated to a global scale. With such huge audiences comes the natural venture towards localization and translation. When people generally review the word ‘Translation, they assume that it involves a word-to-word transformation.

On the contrary, Translation or localization of video games, in this case, involves a strategic procedure to transform not only the language but the entire design, layout, and cultural intricacies of the game so that it can be embedded with the target audience. And that is something Video game translation services are experts at.  

In this article, we will cover some of the best practices for Video game translation that you can adopt;

Cultural Integration

There is no metric or set of rules that organizations can follow which will guarantee a successful video game translation process. It’s a combination of a lot of factors. However, the most important aspect in this scenario is cultural integration. 

Cultural integration can only be accomplished by translators who are not only equipped with a high-level vocabulary but also possess a strong cultural knowledge of the target audience. This knowledge makes the localization process more efficient and effective.  

Some people may argue the importance of transcreation. For them, the prevalent significance of localizing games is that not every humorist dialogue or reference will sit well with a gamer from a different cultural or religious background. He may perceive it from a different perspective, which will eventually disrupt the popularity or likeliness of the game. 

Expert Translators

Translators can either make or break your localization process. Because they are the ones who are responsible for effectively getting the message across from one culture to another. Hence, if you want successful game localization, ensure that the translators are not only expert linguists or have a solid understanding of the cross-cultural differences, but also are gamers. 

A gamer translator will have proper knowledge of the gaming culture. This knowledge is crucial for effective translation. A gamer is able to relate to the dialogues and jargon, hence, will be precise in his translation. 

Design Flexibility

One important thing that needs to be considered while localizing your game is to keep the flexibility aspect of your games’ design open. If you keep it open, your games’ adaptability will increase as well. Adaptability directly relates to the space consumed by the text of the video game’s interface. It is adjusted pertaining to the size of the text. The bigger the size, the bigger space will be needed.  

Moreover, this process not only involves bigger word space rather you have to take into consideration the symbols as well as the characters and other little units of measurements that cannot go unnoticed. These things constitute the entire page layout of your video game. Another important practice that you can adopt for video game translation is to make sure that you circumvent hard coding. 


People usually ask what differentiates a good video game from a bad one. The answer to this question can be summed up in only one word, i.e, ‘Experience’. If the user experience is good, your game would become popular as well. Hence, the ultimate goal of the localization process is to ensure that the customer experience does not turn out to be bad. 

There are many ways to ensure that the customer experience prevails. The best strategy is to do quality assurance and testing. In the testing process, try to remove any lagging effect that the game might show. Moreover, make sure there are no bugs and the translated content is flawless. This can only be done if you take testing measures before you launch your game. 

Translation Tools

The use of technology has reduced human efforts, meanwhile, making processes more efficient and effective. Similarly, in the process of video game localization using Translation management tools can be really beneficial. So what you should do is construct a localized or translated style guide and then embed it into the tools of translations that you have purchased. 

Once you do that, the translators will know that the strings they will work on are in correspondence to the original script created. However, you have to make sure the translation tools you use do not slow down the localization process. As it will defeat its own purpose. Hence, avail of the services of a best translation agency, as they will make the entire localization process easy for you. 


Hence, we can conclude that video game translation services have a lot of benefits if done in a structured manner. However, you have to make sure that you try to integrate the cultural intricacies of the video game when localizing for a particular segment of the target market. This will ensure authenticity and increase credibility. Moreover, only hire expert translators as they will keep the local fragments of the audience in mind. Meanwhile, keeping the design flexible and using translation management tools is a plus. 

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