Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works

Long-distance relationships are bittersweet, filled with love and longing. It is still more straightforward for most modern couples with Skype, WhatsApp video, and other video calling features. Earlier generations had to depend on letters and postal services, where news became old very quickly. Making long-distance relationships work requires dedication, commitment, and consistency. It is effortless for your partner to think you ignore them and not make time for the relationship.

As with any relationship, it is necessary to meet, make time for each other, and assure the other person that you love them. If your partner lives in another country, you both should try to meet at least once or twice a year. The best way to do this is to take advice from an immigration solicitor in London and get the visas, paperwork, and other documentation out of the way so that you are free to travel. 

Let us look at some tips to help make your long-distance relationship work.

Prioritize Your Schedules:

Time zones, work timings, daylight savings, school hours, and sleep cycles can severely mess up any time you plan to spend online together. Most well-intentioned couples also face these issues with scheduling. Many times, it isn’t just about removing some time to spend together but also making time for the other person. 

Giving up one evening of spending time in front of the TV and instead, signing in to speak to your partner can make a lot of difference. Many times, because of the time difference, it isn’t possible to talk. However, you should make time for texts, voice notes, an email or two, or simply send links to your favourite music. Prioritizing your schedule to make time for your partner will help you both with ample time to rearrange your time. You should also avoid falling into a rhythm that is too predictable. Keeping a little spice alive with an impromptu video call can also help keep the relationships alive.

Make Milestones Or Goals Together:

We’ve all heard the term’ couple goals’, but do we know what it really means? They’re personal milestones. Share your personal goals with your partner and try to align them. For many people, a personal milestone is finding a job in a new city or country together. Working towards goals that help each other grow and yet stay together can be highly motivating. It also helps reinforce the love between both of you. 

While making these goals, you should be open and frank about where you see this relationship going in the future. Goals and milestones work only if both partners are on the same page and working towards the same aim. Long-distance relationships are much more challenging than regular ones since all the focus is on making the relationship work instead of building a future together. To make your relationship work, you and your partner would have to commit to both parameters. 

Focus On All Forms Of Quality Communication:

Many couples today take for granted the ease of communication. The various forms of ‘staying in touch’ have allowed couples to become complacent with technology and nearness to their loved ones. Communication isn’t only about talking to each other or seeing each other over video calls. It is also about exchanging gifts, a funny card, an unexpected email or call, a surprise visit and more. 

Some couples even exchange clothing items like a t-shirt that is sprayed with your partner’s favourite perfume. The olfactory sense is excellent in triggering feelings of love. With the ease of technology, many couples also order their partner’s favourite food or dessert and have it delivered. All these gestures are a way of open communication that add quality and depth to your relationship. 

Enjoy The Boring:

Many couples forget that getting bored with little things is also a blessing. The mundane is also something to be overjoyed with and cherished. The simple reason for this is that knowing each other’s schedules, things they like and dislike means that you are a well-settled couple. For long-distance relationships, reaching this level of ease means you are communicating right. 

While it may be information overload for some, if you want your relationship to work, you may at times know precisely when to call the other person, when their breaks are, and what they like to do over the weekends. Small ‘boring’ things like this should be celebrated. These aspects of your relationship will help make the long-distance work. Consistency and commitment are the two most critical parts of making the relationship flourish even in long distances. 

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