A Beginner’s Guide to Trekking

With the lockdown slowly coming to an end, you see the shutters rolling up one by one and something gleams in your eyes — that my friend is excitement and glee.  

You look up to the sky and yell at the universe! 

‘Book my tickets, now!’ 

Well, if you decide to go on a trek in the trusty woods or mountains, worry not!  

We’re here to calm your pre-trek jitters. Here is a quick read on how to ace a trek for beginners. 

Trekking is a widely popular sport in India. Best enjoyed with your sportiest of friends, trekking is held responsible for the craziest memories and moments by many individuals. It might seem a bit intimidating at first, but with a couple of right turns, you’ll be good to go. 

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Choosing a route 

This is a very crucial step that will decide whether you’ll have a good experience or not. Treks can be easy, moderate, or difficult in terms of steepness and accessibility. Choose your trek trail in accordance with your fitness level. If the workout is part of your daily schedule, then you can consider challenging yourself with a difficult or moderately difficult trail. If you suffer from any kind of health condition, do get a fit certificate from your doctor.  

Choosing your trek type also depends on your main aim of going on a trek. Are you going on a trek for scenic photos and silly moments or are you going on a trek to trudge treacherous paths without stopping for a breath? Either way, pick accordingly. 

Things to carry 

  • A water bottle that you can refill 
  • Walking stick 
  • Pocket knife 
  • Flashlight 
  • Hiking shoes 
  • Light-weight t-shirt 
  • Raincoat 
  • Mosquito repellant 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Warm clothes if you’re staying the night 

Preparing for a trek 

You need to be both mentally as well as physically prepared for a trek. If you’re someone who doesn’t work out much, that’s absolutely fine! A week prior to your trek, start going on long walks and do some basic stretching exercises. A few breathing exercises would also help strengthen your lungs so the altitude won’t be a hindrance. Pack light so you don’t have to carry a heavy load. It’ll slow you down and tire you out sooner. Do check the weather conditions before starting your trek. You don’t want the clouds to rain on your parade, quite literally! Also, trekking in extreme weather conditions is anything but a sane idea. Most importantly, before you leave, let a friend or relative know the location of your trek trail and the time for when you’ll be away. 


  • Pack light 
  • If you think you need a break, or feel any excess strain in your body, inform your companions and ask for a halt 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Pay attention to the signs that you come across on your trail 
  • Step out of your comfort zone 
  • Bring reusable items 
  • Keep a track of how you’re collecting and segregating your waste 


  • Don’t get packaged food 
  • Don’t pollute the trail with plastic waste 
  • Don’t use your resources mindlessly 
  • Don’t wear heavy clothes with ornaments. They’ll be nothing but mere hindrances. 
  • Don’t smoke before or during the trek. You’d want to keep your lungs in mint condition. 
  • Don’t make noise. You’re wandering in a natural habitat. 

Keep these few words of advice on your tips and you’ll be good to go. Always remember that trekking is not merely about exploring the mountains. You can also catch a flight to Goa for a beach trek! Stay alert and stay safe.  Happy trekking! 

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