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Getting new Rough Country Canada Jeep parts installed in your vehicle can be an exciting experience that will have your Jeep in peak condition.

Every Jeep enthusiast will recognize the difference between a stock Jeep and a Jeep that has numerous upgrades to it. Every new upgrade you do adds just a bit more character to the vehicle, and Rough Country Canada Jeep parts from go a long way in making you feel more at home in your Jeep. Aftermarket Jeep modifications are what make your Jeep a little different than the rest of them on the road.

Just Jeeps Modifications

Just Jeeps is well aware of the craving that people have to make their Jeep unique in its own way. That’s why they offer a wide variety of different parts that you can customize your Jeep with. Mixing different aftermarket parts into your Jeep can become quite an addictive hobby, so you might want to exercise some caution the next time you browse over to!

Some Jeep modifications are more popular than others, and that’s understandable because not every Jeep owner will be taking their Jeep off-roading every single weekend. Modifications that people do to their Jeeps will differ depending on the purpose of the modifications. If you’re an avid off-roading enthusiast, your mods will be a lot different in comparison to someone that just drives their Jeep five minutes down the highway to work every day.

There are a variety of modifications that can have your Jeep making a statement.


Suspension is one of the best upgrades you can do to your Jeep. Nothing feels better than easily conquering rough terrain because you’ve just got a new suspension kit installed. Getting aftermarket suspension will increase the clearance of your Jeep, making it much easier to clear rocks, ledges, and climbs.

Other people like to do the opposite and lower their Jeep because they don’t have the intention to go off-roading with it. Some people like to just get a suspension system that will make it easy and more convenient for towing purposes. The nice thing about Jeep modifications is that there are so many different ones to choose from, and that’s why people enjoy the hobby of aftermarket Jeep parts so much.


After you’ve upgraded the suspension on your Jeep, you’ll want to start looking into some new aftermarket tires. If you’re off-roading on a regular basis, you’ll need to think about getting some strong and sturdy tires. 

While the stock tires are still good for some light off-roading and driving to and from work, they won’t suit those who like to test their Jeeps to their fullest potential. Many people like to invest in mud or snow tires to get through some of the roughest conditions.

If you’re wanting to ramp things up even further while ripping through steep rock climbs and swamps, you’ll want some big, hefty tires that are built exactly for that.

Locking Differential

When the wheels of a Jeep are infected with resistance, the Jeep will work more to keep the torque performing adequately. This means you might notice a certain wheel turning more quickly or slowly depending on what situation you’re in. This is required in order to turn properly, but it kind of inhibits things a bit when you’re off-roading because it increases torque while lowering traction.

With a locking differential, the wheels will be locked in place, spinning at exactly the same speed despite an increase in resistance. This gives you increased traction when you’re climbing rocks or driving through patch terrain.


A lot of people who own Jeeps might not even need to worry about getting a winch installed at the front of their vehicle, while others can’t see themselves without one. Like many Jeep modifications, this will depend on the purpose you’re using your Jeep for. If you’re not planning on getting stuck every weekend while off-roading, then you might be able to get away without a winch.

For serious off-roaders, getting a winch is pretty much mandatory. Off-roaders like to test their Jeeps limits, and driving through thick, swampy mud can easily result in you getting stuck. In a situation like this, a Jeep without a winch can turn into a nightmare to get out.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are another upgrade that many Jeep owners consider to be a necessity. The rock sliders keep the side panels of your Jeep protected from rocks and other debris while off-roading. If you aren’t into heavy rock crawling or off-roading and only drive your Jeep in the city, you might not have to worry about getting rock sliders. Rock sliders can also be used as side steps to get into your vehicle. This makes entry and exits much easier if you also have an aftermarket suspension system installed on your Jeep.

Heat Extractor Hood

For those long, warm days of off-roading when the sun is blaring at all hours of the day, a heat extractor is another modification that you’ll want to invest in. Off-roading can create a tremendous amount of heat underneath the hood of your Jeep. This can result in engine damage after a while. Getting a heat extractor will help release the hot air out of the engine and allow cool air to flow into the radiator. Getting this modification done will also give you better engine performance and allow you to stay out off-roading for longer periods of time without worrying about anything overheating.


Everyone knows that lights just look cool, and even more so when you’re driving at night. The stock headlights on the Jeep Wrangler are still very good, but getting new LED ones that have halogen fog lamps will give you more visibility while driving at night, and that means you’ll be safer.

If you’re currently in research mode and browsing around for aftermarket parts for your Jeep, visit for all of the Jeep parts that you’ll ever need.

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