How to change language on Netflix

How to change language on Netflix

Would you like to watch Netflix content in the original language and with Italian subtitles but you couldn’t find the right option to change the language ? Would you like to use Netflix in a language other than Italian but you don’t know how to “translate” your account interface? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to change the language on Netflix giving you all the information to succeed in your intent. In addition to the detailed procedure for watching a movie or a TV series on Netflix in the language of your interest, you will also find all the instructions you need to access your account settings and set one of the 30 languages ​​in which you can use the famous video streaming service.

Is it possible to change the language on Netflix?

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to change language on Netflix , it might be useful to know under what circumstances it is possible to change the language of the famous video streaming service.

So if you are wondering if you can change the language on Netflix and your intention is to set a new language for the interface of your viewing profile, you will be happy to know that you can do this by accessing your account settings and choosing a of the 30 languages ​​available.

How to change language on Netflix from the app

To change the language of a content on Netflix using the service app for Android devices (also available on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) and iPhone / iPad , start the latter and, if you haven’t already done so, Log in to your account.

Then press the Login button , enter your details in the Email or phone number and Password fields and tap the Login button to login and choose your viewing profile .

At this point, locate the content you want to watch, tap on its poster and, in the new screen displayed, press the Play button to start playing it. You can get free Netflix accounts for free access. Now, select the Audio and subtitles option located in the bottom menu and, in the Audio and Subtitles sections , put the check mark next to one of the available languages .

Note that Netflix will remember your language preferences and apply them for all future plays, including those from other devices compatible with the service. However, the changes in question will only be applied to your viewing profile.

If, on the other hand, your intention is to change the language of the Netflix interface, I am sorry to tell you that it is not possible to do this through the service’s app. However, to change the language on Netflix from your phone , you can start the browser installed on your device (eg Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone / iPad), connect to the official Netflix website and proceed from there by logging into your account.

Once logged in, press the ☰ button at the top left, select the Account option from the proposed menu and locate the Profiles and family filter section from the page that opens. Then select the viewing profile for which you want to change the language, tap on the Language option and, in the Display Language screen , put the check mark next to the language of your interest ( Dansk , Deutsch , English , Espanol , Italian , Polski and so on).

Furthermore, in this section you can also set the default language in which you prefer to watch TV series and movies on Netflix. To do this, locate the Language for series and films item , put the check mark next to the languages of your interest (you can set more than one) and tap the Save button to save the changes.

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