Everything you need to know about Human Short Hair Wigs

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Why do you need a short human hair wig?

The actress, who usually has beautiful long platinum blonde hair, suddenly appears in her latest film with a modern short red haircut and shortly afterward with her old hairstyle again? You too can easily perform this magic trick with a short hair wig from our wide range. These women’s wigs are available in many different colors and haircuts, also for men, with which you can also appear smart and modern.

A blonde short haircut, for example, is very modern, but many women do not have the heart to cut their long hair. But why shouldn’t we just be able to have both? Short human hair wigs offer an ideal alternative for this.

A short hair wig for hair loss while a toupee mainly hides the hair loss of men, short human hair wigs are also used to make women suffering from hair loss appear smart and self-confident. With extensions or other hairpieces and hairstyles, you can make thin short hair appear more voluminous, but a minimum hair length is required. Wigs, on the other hand, can be used on little or no head hair. Whether gray, red, blonde, black, or brown, you decide which hair color you want to wear. If you opt for a short hair human wig from shop.luvmehair.com/, for example, you can not only hide your hair loss but also appear brisk.

Fast and modern in old age

Many older women suffer from thinning hair, for example, due to chemotherapy, but thanks to the replacement hair, including branded wigs and other manufacturers, you have a very easy way to hide the hair loss. In addition, you will be able to appear much younger and more self-confident with a modern look, e.g. blonde, short haircut.

Take care of your own hair

Wigs also have the advantage that you don’t strain your own hair any further. Hairpieces have become increasingly modern in recent years and many women wear them to protect their own hair. In this way, even young women can prevent increasing hair loss.

Types of the short hair wigs

Short hair wigs can be processed in different ways. For weft wigs, the short hairs are sewn onto thin threads, and then these wefts are attached to cotton ribbons. This model adapts very well to the shape of your head and is therefore very comfortable.

Wigs that are 100% hand-knotted also lie very comfortably on your head. However, these are a bit more expensive, as the short hairs are individually knotted into the fabric in laborious manual labor. In the case of monofilament wigs, the entire assembly consists of this fabric. This makes the wigs look very natural. Following are the commonly used short hair wigs.

  • Human hair wig
  • Synthetic hair wig
  • Curly hair wig
  • Layered short haircut

Which short hairstyle suits you?

If you have an oval face shape, you are free to experiment with your short hairstyle. A layered asymmetrical haircut suits you just as well as the curly blonde short haircut. You can take a look around our range and order one or more of the many wigs without any worries. With an oval face, you will look great with any wig.

Since the forehead and eye area are wider on a heart-shaped face, you should choose a wig that does not appear too bulky on your head. Volume at neck level is more suitable. Furthermore, a short hair wig with an oblique pony would look very good on you.

Unlike a heart-shaped face, you should rely on volume on the head with a round face shape. The sides should be short as this will make the face appear longer. To avoid a short hair wig with short straight bangs as this makes the face appear shorter and fuller.

Proper care of your wig

For the right care of your wig, use a high-quality shampoo for real and synthetic hair. Make sure, however, that you only use the shampoo that is suitable for the hair type of your wig. You should put your hair replacement in a water bath together with a squirt of shampoo for synthetic hair. Rinse the hair replacement thoroughly after leaving it on for about 15 minutes.

You should comb your human hair wig vigorously with a suitable brush before washing so that any styling residue can be removed from the scalp. Then moisten the hair with lukewarm water and add a small amount of shampoo for human hair. You can rinse off the shampoo again after leaving it to act for five minutes.

Both synthetic and human hair wigs should be placed on the wig stand after washing and allowed to air-dry.

Commonly asked questions about short human hair wigs

What is the best way to store the short hair human wig?

There are special stands for storing wigs, which you should definitely get when buying a wig, as this prevents the hair from becoming tangled. Also, this wig stand makes it easier for you to brush your hair through and let it dry after washing. In our shop, you can find this wig stand in the accessories section.

Should the short human hair wig be the same color as my own hair?

The advantage of wigs over other hairpieces is that they cover all of your own hair. Because of this, it is not necessary to choose the same hair color. However, the more the color deviates, the more the ladies, in particular, need to make sure that their own hair is well hidden. The use of a hair cap is highly recommended here.

Can I blow dry my human short hair wig?

If you have a human hair wig, you can use a blow dryer, a straightening iron, or a curling iron for it. However, since the hair is more sensitive than your own hair, it is important to put a heat spray on damp hair before using it. It is also advisable to let the wig air dry a little before blow-drying. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is not suitable for blow-drying.


In this article, we have given you the most important information about short hair wigs. To make your decision even easier, we will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of short human hair wigs for you.


  • Short haircut without cutting the hair
  • completely hides your own hair; hides hair loss
  • very good quality of both the real and the synthetic hair
  • You can style and color human hair just like your own hair
  • strong naturalness, with high quality
  • easy application


  • Synthetic hair cannot be colored

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