Mark Thomas Joins $tar Coin as Its Brand Ambassador

Musical artist Mark Thomas, a teenage sensation and Instagram star, is bringing his industry power to a project already backed by impressive talent: $tar Coin, a new cryptocurrency that promises to give entertainment lovers an insider’s look into a world most of us never see. By holding a token, you can attend exclusive events and directly connect with celebrities and entrepreneurs, leading to a wealth of networking opportunities and exclusive experiences normally enjoyed only by the elite.

$tar Coin is the brainchild of movie director Jack Settipane and producer Bruce “Bud Rebel” Weinfeld, who joined forces to create a way for the public to experience a higher echelon of society. “I think there’s a lot of interest in the uniqueness of $tar Coin,” Jack shares. “Having the chance to hang out with celebrities, including our Brand Ambassadors MoonTellThat, Tavo Betancourt, Mark Thomas, Nick Merico, and Nashla Aguilar, and attending exclusive $tar Coin-hosted events can give holders an experience they won’t find anywhere else.”

Mark agrees. “$tar Coin was created for entertainment lovers,” he says. “Even its first tier, for those who hold one token, will give them access to all premier $tar Coin-hosted events and parties. Then you have more tiers for people who have 10, 100, and 500 tokens, and the perks keep getting better. By the time you get up to 1,000 tokens, you’re talking about exclusive VIP events and ICO exclusives, including an all-expenses paid night in LA with $tar Coin’s founders and a celebrity $tar Coin brand ambassador of your choice. Take a look at the website to see all the amazing benefits you can have by becoming a $tar Coin holder.”

Bud continues. “The idea behind $tar Coin came from the time Jack and I have spent in entertainment. We could see a real need for this type of digital currency and for a new path into the industry, so we went for it. What makes us even more unique is that no one else is offering what we have: a community full of outgoing, driven people and a form of payment that can only be ‘spent’ in that community.”

Jack adds, “Remember, we only created 6 million tokens. That might sound like a lot, but it’s not. Some crypto currencies’ supplies are in the billions. We deliberately kept our supply ‘small’ so that all token holders will matter. No one at $tar Coin ever feels undervalued.”

Mark doesn’t hesitate when asked why he agreed to become one of $tar Coin’s brand ambassadors. “Its inclusivity. I know that sounds a bit strange given the society we offer access to,” he laughs, “but when you sit down with Jack and Bud, you can sense they really do want $tar Coin to pull people together into a community that reaches out to each other. They also believe that $tar Coin can’t get better without feedback, so they often ask for suggestions. I like that at its heart, $tar Coin remains committed to the people it was created for.”

Bud states that August 15 is the day $tar Coin’s ICO (initial coin offering) will go on sale. “That will be a huge day for us,” he says, clearly ready for the debut. “Get ready because that’s when we’re going to release some killer prices: only $85 for the first three days. Once that passes, you’ll be able to get it for $90 for the next thirty days. Once that’s over, the price will go up to $100, so those first three days in particular are when you should jump on this.”

Jack adds that the coin will actually go live on October 15. “However, I’m really looking forward to November 15, 2021, when we have that first community concert. That’s going to be fun for everyone. Mark and I spoke about him possibly performing that night along with some other awesome talent.”

As the conversation wraps up, Jack offers a final thought about $tar Coin. “Blockchain technology is taking all aspects of society in a totally new direction,” he says. “That includes entertainment. $tar Coin is changing how closed off the higher tier of society is. It is opening the door and letting any token holder stroll right through it and enjoy some of the luxury personally. Isn’t that an incredible development?” 

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