INTERVIEW: Indie Jam Band Lucid Phase

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey, appreciate you having us. Can’t complain, have been enjoying summer in SoCal and spending a lot of time in the studio lately finishing up our next album – A ton of new music is in the works we are stoked to share with everyone.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Wind Is Gone”?

“Wind Is Gone” is one of our favorites from our aforementioned forthcoming 2nd album release, Orchid Thief. It has a feel-good vibe starting out with Jacob Flack’s chimes and background vocalsvibing with the bass line. Cyrus Maleki laid in some solid guitar and key work while Garret Laver flows into the first verse singing about how life can sometimes just pass by for good or worse. We actually had some guest players too on this track, our buddy Matt Keith. If you listen for it, he has some epic banjo riffs throughout. We had a good time no doubt tracking and mixing this one together and it’s always a good one to jam out live too.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

This song, along with the majority of the twelve tracks on the next album, was actually a product of the pandemic. We approach the writing process not too rigidly and more as a stream of consciousness staying open-minded, not shying away from trying something even if it may not make the final cut. Garret wrote and sang all of his original lead vocals. Cyrus tracks the instrumental musicality on this one and rapped the last verse. Jacob held down background vocals and percussion too so you can hear how it all comes together. So during Summer of 2020, when we were all on lockdown in Los Angeles, we were pretty much in the recording studio every day with nothing but our instruments, recording gear, and our ideas to explore. It was a true silver lining of the pandemic while as a planet the world had pressed pause. We really pushed ourselves to break out of comfort zones and explore our sonic range which is what you’ll find when you press play.

Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?

Yep, we have a treatment already in mind for this one – Stay tuned!

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing process is completely organic and free-flowing. We write our next album’s songs while working on the current album we’re creating so as to always have material. It’s been a blessing to work with the folks we have, whether our featured artists or just the three of us. Most of all, we’re tapping into a creative process that works for us and allows us to put out exactly what we imagine in our heads. It couldn’t be a more perfect balance of experiencing life, writing about it, and pumping out the music to package the product. We provide music that people may relate to and resonate with to enhance their experiences in their own lives. Mainly to provide an experience that soothes, encourages, and reaches the fans and listeners who are in times of their lives that need this music the most.

What role does LA play in your music?

LA has created a pretty incredible atmosphere to make music. There’s inspiration lurking around every corner, not to mention all of the local like-minded and talented musicians, recording studios, artists, etc. The vibe in general provides us with a great sense of freedom and ability to hone in on our sound. We love it here as a breeding ground for creative experimentation. Because all of us live here, it’s become the epicenter of our music creation. We may take it elsewhere one day, but we give a lot of respect to this city for giving us an excellent place to make the music we want. The weather and waves don’t hurt either, ya know?

How has Pink Floyd and The Doors influenced your writing?

We really admire the journey Pink Floyd‘s music takes you on when you listen. The sonic rollercoaster you are taken on by how they built moments and released them in a fresh way is a legendary way of piercing your ears. Their driving bass lines and absolutely stellar guitar solos is something we are inspired by forsure. We compose different sections and build moments to create these dynamics in each of our tracks now – we always like to feature soaring guitar solos when we can fit it in (keep an eye out for the guitar solo on Old Friend coming out on the album)! The Doors has always been such a great not so serious sound stemming from LA County’s Venice Beach, right in our backyard. The coastal beach vibe definitely has bled through into the Lucid Phase inspiration melting pot. Props to The Lizard King wherever you are.

Does the new single mean we can expect any new material – how’s that coming along?

Yes, absolutely! We will be releasing an additional single after the “Wind is Gone” release titled “People in my Life.” This is a fun blue grassy tune and features a fiddle, banjo, and harmonica, as well has some fun traditional bluegrass percussion elements. Both of these tracks will be a part of our next 12 track album titled, Orchid Thief.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We expect to drop the People In My Life single in August 2021 followed by the next album Orchid Thief in September, 2021.

What else is happening next in Lucid Phase’s world?

We’re definitely going to continue the journey and begin tracking our third album, Homegrown. It’s a beautiful thing to see our music evolve in each project. As we learn, progress and understand our sound, our music changes over time which we find to be the positive outlook. There’s much more to create and share. Biggg upps to VENTS for keeping everyone in the loop!

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