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Expert Tips for Buying a Luxury Home - Pocono Real Estate

Expert Tips for Buying a Luxury Home – Pocono Real Estate

Planning to buy a luxury home? Confused about which would be the best fit? There are a plethora of luxury homes for sale but are you unsure of which one will make your dream come true?

Don’t fret, here are some expert tips one should consider before buying a luxury home.

1. Work with the local experts

Want to have the keys to your luxury home in the shortest time with no hustle? Pocono springs estate is where you can wish to own a property with gleaming reviews. This may help you make your dream come true. When looking for a house in Pocono, take advice from the Pocono real estate agents only. They have better knowledge of the amenities available and are experts in Pocono’s luxury housing market.

2. Connect with reliable advisers

Financial advisers, accountants (for the best financial advice), and a lawyer (familiar with property law and local taxes) are a boon. The real estate agent with enough expertise will connect you with the team. You can discuss with your own trusted team, further saving your time and energy.

3. Dream Luxury Home at Your Dream Location!

While finalizing a luxury home, location plays a very important role. You need to check the neighborhood and adjacent area for criteria such as:

  • if it suits your lifestyle
  • traveling time
  • Distance from schools, highway
  • The impact on taxes.

Additionally, if you wish to extend the house with a massive garden then you need to make sure that the house is lightly populated. Hence, do not just rely on the online listings but stay on your toes to gauge the quality of your home’s location.

4. Don’t Just Finalize by Gazing at The Photos

One should not just reject the property based on the photos. There are many homes that may not look good in photographs but are extremely praiseworthy when seen in person. While physically visiting a house might be a challenge, you can visit online. Look at the proximity of the property on Google Earth and search what’s around the home.

5. Keep the documents ready

The premium real-estate market endures various timely surveys. The mortgage value and interest rates for a property fluctuate heavily. So, for the bank to process your loan, you need to have all records regarding your bank account or your finances ready.

6. Understand the Pre-Approval Process

Planning to take a loan to own a luxury home?

Understand the process of applying for a loan from the bank which you think is quintessential. Further, familiarize yourself with the proceedings of taking a luxury home loan. Understand how it differs from standard loans. Study the applicable interest rates. Understand the difference between a pre-approval letter and a pre-qualification letter and other bank procedures. You can let your trusted accountant do the proceedings while keeping you in the loop.

7. Survey ‘Pocket Listings’

Many affluent individuals do not advertise their homes publicly on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). Qualified buyers get the tip of their listings only if they can provide proof of being capable of making a multi-million-dollar purchase.

To view expensive homes, your agent should have good contact with other luxury agents. They may help you check ‘pocket listings’ that fulfill your needs.

8. Do check the resale value of the luxury home

One finalizes a luxury home based on their own unique tastes but one should always think about its resale value.

Not just the looks, but the surroundings matter too. What if someone builds a taller building nearby? Will the luxury home appeal to future buyers if you decide to sell it?

Additionally, always cross-check the nearby properties as well. Ask the agent if they compared other properties recently sold to get an idea about the pricing.

Think of all aspects and negotiate a perfect price accordingly to counteract the said challenges.

9. Look up your priority features

If you want to narrow down the options of the perfect luxury home swiftly then you should know what you need. Jot down a checklist of features you want to have in your home and keep your priorities in check.

Another advantage of having a checklist is that it prevents you from making an emotional purchase. For instance, you visit a house that has a big pool that you don’t need but get lured by. Or if you are a nature lover, then you would be looking for a house with a big garden.

Hence, knowing your needs helps you finalize your dream luxury house easily.

10. Consider Insurance

To avoid getting into any kind of trouble in the future, getting the property insured is very essential. Additionally, do have a look at the ‘exceptions page’ before closing time.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, reading these 10 expert tips will help you make an informed decision. Pocono Real Estate can help you search for your dream house. For our expert’s advice, call us or send us an email.

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