Great Tools to Help You Boost Your Startup

As an entrepreneur, you want to make sure your startup has a smooth launch. However, it is not easy for anyone who would like to do something on their own without any support from financial institutions or venture capitalists. You have some idea that might lead you to the road of success in no time but you’ll still have some questions regarding whether there are great tools available to help you out connected with your product or business idea. If you are venture-backed from services like VC investing M13, you should consider buying these applications.

You want to check whether there are free apps which can be downloaded online and how they can be useful?   

Here’s a list of 10 free tools that will make launching your startup easier:

Facebook Graph Search 

If you’re seeking investors in order to start up, then this tool is great. You can target your audience with ease and create a buzz about the product you’re planning to put on the market. All with just one click, anyone who is related or interested in what you have to sell will be able to find you easily.

Facebook is great for generating leads because of its over 900 million users worldwide. After setting up your profile, start inviting friends so that when they see how big your company plans are going to be it might help them decide if they would like to invest in you. 

Every time someone clicks “Like” on Facebook there’s a chance that their friends could be informed too by default which is why this tool works well for startups which need funding as it allows investors see if their connections may need whatever you’re offering.

Facebook users can simply use their mobile phones to reach a wider audience without having to spend a dime on advertisements or other similar marketing tools. This is one reason why many startups choose Facebook as the main platform for building their brand image. You can always take advantage of the services of the Digital Marketing Services MuteSix.  

Zoho Creator 

This free app helps you build landing pages, forms and generate leads for your startup business right online without sacrificing any control on how it will work once published onto your website. It also allows you to keep track of everything which was sent by the companies that registered in order to contact them more easily later on if necessary. The best part about Zoho Creator is its unlimited storage capacity, meaning you’ll be able to save all data even though there’s no than for saved pages.

The best thing about this app is that it provides users with the option to download all content right into their computers and edit them at will before placing them on their startup’s website.  

If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure you check out these 10 free online tools which are going to help your business grow in no time! 

Viscap Media

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of things to do and that trips are inevitable. You can’t be on time for every meeting so there is no way your business is going to thrive in the very beginning if at all, especially if you’re trying to build it from the ground up. Viscap Media increases your chances of being on time by recording video messages which can be played on someone else’s computer or device enabling them to listen in with ease through their headphones.

The best part about this app is that it’s available everywhere like smartphones, computers, laptops etc. It is also integrated into programs such as Gmail meaning you’ll never forget any appointment again!  

Google Alerts 

This free tool works well as a free hosted search engine which allows you to receive notifications once it finds content related to your startup’s website. Having this kind of tool available is really useful in order for entrepreneurs not to waste any time and check the progress of their competitors at all times.


Indy is a comprehensive project management software that includes everything you need to stay on top of your projects, from marketing to management to billing. 

You can keep track of different tasks for multiple projects by assigning filters or moving tasks from one project to another. The tasks tool also allows you to assign tags, making it easy to see at a glance which project has the most tasks remaining. The deadline and reminders feature ensures you also deliver your work on time. At the end of the week or month, you can link your hours to an invoice by adding your hourly rate before sending the document to a client.

SMS Marketing 

SMS or smartphone marketing can be used by startups and entrepreneurs just like they can for any big company. It’s no surprise that companies which use this method of free online marketing are more likely to succeed due to the fact that people love getting messages on their phones when it comes to special offers and discounts. The text based marketing community is a strong one. 

Use SMS marketing together with PPC platforms as both can work hand in hand to help you boost your startup’s sales. Getting started is really easy, simply register and choose which keywords related to your business should trigger special messages from you via SMS. Send an automatic message whenever someone types one of these terms into a search engine or clicks on a sponsored ad featuring your company.  

Google Analytics 

This free tool provides you with the opportunity to get all sorts of statistics in regard to your website’s activity. From the number of visitors, most popular content and so on up until how many people actually clicked on any link or displayed interest in whatever product, video etc. that you may have published.  

It is recommended for startups to hire a professional for this kind of service as it helps them see what their audience likes about their products and services or not if they have recently been published onto an online platform. This tool has two main features – real-time statistics which are live updated at each moment and history tracking which provides information about previous months at any time after a certain period of time from when it was first used.    


Loom is an incredibly easy to use video application which can be used by startups to create professional looking videos in no time. It is a great option for people on the go as most of them have jobs and social lives while still having to run their businesses. For this reason, you can create presentations really quickly and present them offline at your next big conference or meeting without any problems whatsoever.  

This tool is also available via computer’s browser meaning you’ll never have to worry about not being able to get it even if you’re out and about! Simply log in with Google account info that you’ve registered previously and start editing your video immediately.  

After publishing your video, share it on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or simply share it with your friends and family through email.  


This is a great app which every startup can use to upload their videos on the go without any problems to worry about. This tool can help you create various types of video such as live stream, highlights and so on up to different kinds of motion graphics, all in one place only. It is also SEO friendly meaning whenever someone shares one of your videos online it will be ranked higher in search engines.  

This tool is great when it comes to creating video content for your startup but it can also be used by small companies or even individuals.  

It would also help if you have credit reporting agencies tools for your company to see where you stand financially. Tools such as these will help every startup take things to another level in their business and help with promoting themselves to an audience willing to purchase or invest. It is important for entrepreneurs who are just getting started not to underestimate the power of tools like this and use them whenever they can, just remember that it’s all about getting your message out there!

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