Returning To The Movies In 2021

In February of 2020, the day before the Oscars, I went to see Parasite. It was really good, and the next day it won Best Picture. I had plans to go see more films, but I could not. A pandemic happened. The world was thrown into chaos. The movie industry suffered. Tenet was really good, but I watched it at home.

Finally, things are calmer and saner. I am fully vaccinated, for example. Movie theaters are open again, and I don’t feel reckless going to one. With the weather being nice, I got it in my head I wanted to ride my bike up to the local movie theater to see a film. I mean, I planned to do it a few times, but I had to start with one trip. And I did. Here in July, almost a year and a half later, I returned to the theaters.

I went to see Black Widow on the Friday it came out. I sprung for an IMAX ticket. While I like the Marvel films by and large, I was not super enthused for Black Widow, having seen some middling reviews. Still, I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, this way I would avoid potential spoilers. I do very much dislike spoilers.

The weather was nice. The bike ride was nice. I got in my seat right as the previews were beginning. Jesse Plemons seems to be playing a Nazi in Jungle Cruise, which means I may have to see it now (though I will wait until I can do it at home). Then, Black Widow started. I was seeing a movie in the theater for the first time in forever. Cinema was back!

Anyway, twice during the movie the theater lost partial power and the film stopped playing. The first time they messed up getting it back to where it had gone out so that was a bit jarring, but they got it there. The second time they didn’t bother getting it exactly right, and also the sound was messed up. Only the score was audible. Then even the score went out. At this point, I walked out of the theater. They gave me a pass for a free ticket for the future because of the hassle.

In short, what I can tell you is that the first 80 percent of Black Widow is good. Also, I’m looking forward to going back to the theater. Not enough to go see Jungle Cruise, though.

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