Lala Lala’s Sound Is Evolving In A Wonderful Way

When I write music reviews, I am aware of my own hobbyhorses and personal preferences. On multiple occasions I know I’ve written words to the extent of “ I loved the raw, lo-fi sound of this band’s first album but now a few albums later the sound has gotten refined and more lush and I don’t like it quite as much.” Hey, what can you do? You dig a band’s early sound, but then they lose some of that energy and they start to sound more like a pop band but without have a pretty sound I can get into and everything just works less well for me.

This doesn’t always happen, though. My favorite band Pavement had a clear shift in sound from Slanted and Enchanted to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. They sounded even better. You know who else has changed their sound but still is really doing some cool, interesting stuff? Lala Lala.

I love Lala Lala’s first album Sleepyhead. It’s also super lo-fi. The album sounds great, but she didn’t exactly get an orchestra to appear on it. It feels like bedroom indie rock in the best sense of that term.

Her second album The Lamb is definitely a change. For one, she apparently got sober and that pops up in the album some. Secondly, the album sounds different. Other than her voice, The Lamb sounds like it’s from a different artist. And yet, I still really like it.

Recently, the first single from Lala Lala’s upcoming album “Diver” dropped. That whole thing about not getting an orchestra involved? “Diver” sounds like it might as well have. It’s more lush, it has vocal flares of all sorts, and it’s nothing like anything on Sleepyhead. Also, it’s so good. I’ve listened to “Diver” several times already and it has me excited for the album. Lala Lala’s sound has changed so much, but it’s different while still sounding good and sounding “like Lala Lala.”

I don’t mind artists evolving sonically. As long as, you know, they still make music that sounds good.

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