Five ’80s Sitcoms That Should Be Rebooted

Some reboots feel particularly unwarranted. The original was plenty good and they don’t have anything new to say. It’s all about using an established property to try and garner goodwill and sell the new version. What reboots should do is revamp and improve upon premises that maybe weren’t done well enough the first time. We’re found five sitcoms from the ‘80s we feel could be critically and/or commercially improved in a reboot.

1. ALF

ALF was on for a few seasons, but it was not critically acclaimed, and it has not really stood the test of time. The premise could really be served well by a reboot, though. A wisecracking alien living in secret with a suburban family? That works. The problem with ALF was that ALF wasn’t that funny, and also the human actors weren’t great. Also shooting with that puppet was a huge hassle. The technology has certainly improved there. That makes for a better, less-complicated show.

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2. Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills

This is a sitcom you have likely never even heard of. It only lasted six episodes. However, you can’t blame the premise for that. The show is about two “nouveau riche” people from New Jersey who move to Beverly Hills and try to climb the social ladder. Maybe they just needed better actors. Harvey Korman was one of the stars, and he was quite the hammy actor. This premise works better as a single-cam sitcom.

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3. Major Dad

Family sitcoms are a dime a dozen. That’s true now, and it was true in the ‘80s. Major Dad was totally adequate, but kind of bland. It was, well, about a serious army major who was also a dad. You could make it less corny, and also the premise would definitely feel different now. The military is different than it was in the ‘80s.

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4. She’s the Sheriff

After leaving Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers starred in She’s the Sheriff. It’s a high-concept sitcom. A widowed mother is given the job of sheriff in a Lake Tahoe resort community after his husband died. He had the job previously. Somebody getting a job because their spouse died? That doesn’t really fly now. Let’s revamp the show so that a widowed mother gets the job as the sheriff in a small town through her own merit. There can still be skepticism about her. It’s just less dubious as a premise now.

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5. What a Country!

What a Country! is about a bunch of immigrants in a class who are trying to pass the immigration test. Yes, as the title indicates, this was a Yakoff Smirnoff sitcom. Do we want to update the show to make it more realistic and less broad in terms of stereotypes? Well, honestly, we actually just want to give Yakoff Smirnoff his own sitcom again in modern times. That would be fascinating to see.

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