Why should you Buy School Supplies in Bulk?

As parents, especially of school-going boys, and girls, it requires taking a lot of decisions related to your children that can impact their day-to-day lives.

One decision that we will be discussing in detail today is, whether you should buy school supplies in bulk or only buy whatever is needed at the moment?

This decision might sound vague but it can have multiple impacts – both on you and your child. Starting from the budget, convenience, to even availability of the needed school supplies – there’s so much that can be impacted. So better be wise with the decision.

For instance, if you do not want your child to always run out of supplies, especially at the time of school or when it is needed the most, bulk buying is always a feasible option. At the same time, you are often left wondering whether this approach will lead you to overspending on school supplies.

In my opinion, if done carefully, bulk buying of school supplies only has several advantages. That being said, it is fine if you are not on the same page as me but keep reading to find out what are these advantages and why you must reconsider bulk buying school supplies.

1.    Huge Savings

To not waste money is the best way to save money. In fact, small savings can turn out to be huge investments by the end of the month. Now, we all know that bulk buying exposes you to huge discounts for obvious reasons. Not just with school supplies, it is the same with any kind of commodity.

However, if you buy on-demand, you will not be able to leverage these discounts. It is true that when you buy in bulk, you will be able to buy more in the same amount of money.

2.    Immediate Availability

It is common for school students to be ignorant about their school supplies and go berserk in the moment of need. This leads to chaos as they expect you to be looking for their school supplies. 

Running around desperately is of no use when your child needs it urgently. Buying in bulk can help you escape situations like these and keep some handy for emergency situations.

3. Time-saving

Buying in bulk costs you almost the same amount of time that you will require to buy the supplies in smaller quantities. But buying in small amounts means you have to take multiple trips to the same destination. Avoid that by buying in bulk.

Plus, apart from saving traveling time, you also save time that you spend looking for items on the list. Order from eCommerce sites like office choice, and you will not only just be able to save costs but also receive it at your doorstep!

4.    Save the planet – How?

This comes completely out of the blue and each one of you might be wondering how buying school supplies in bulk can help save the planet? Honestly, I never knew we could do that by just buying things in bulk.

But turns out, bulk buying reduces the amount of material that would have been used in packaging, which usually includes cardboard and plastics. This means less plastic is discarded on the planet. Really underrated way to save the planet but like it’s said “every little step counts!”

Over to you…

Now, the biggest reason why I always recommend people to buy school supplies in bulk is that they aren’t perishable goods. You don’t have to worry about them turning useless. Besides, there will come a time when you will need them – if not now, then later. There’s absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t buy school supplies in bulk.

I grew up with a bulked-up stock of school items, and this made sure that I never had to worry about running out of school items. This also made me happy and acted as a reward during exam days. On the flip side, my parents were also happy as they were saving a lot of time and money by buying school items in bulk. Now that things have become even more convenient, with sites and brands shifting online – I am sure you will have so much to explore and so much to save!

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