What You Need to Know About Patent Claim Writing

Patent writing services assist inventors in completing their patent applications, claim forms, etc.; sometimes, these are termed patent specifications. First, you need to know about the types of patent applications utilized for the patent process:

  • Provisional Specifications
  • Complete Specifications

What is Patent Claim Drafting?

Patent claim drafting process used while creating patent applications. Making a patent specification of decent quality, relevant, irrespective of its type, either provisional or complete, is vital and can be done easily with a professional and the best patent writer.

A patent claim application will include the following:

  • An abstract of the patent
  • Drawing and detailed description
  • Background information
  • One or more claims
  • Summary

When we talk about provisional applications, we can say that such applications are utilized when the inventor is aware of only basic ideas of the invention or creation he or she needs to patent however feels that there is some room for enhancement. A provisional application offers the creators a priority date.

Claims are not required to be indulged for provisional applications. Claims are vital for any patent application to elaborate the scope of the safety being needed with the patent application. Claims assist inventors during both litigation and prosecution. Also, claims define that other inventors can’t do the in order to restrict infringement liability.

Once you file a provisional application, you need one year to fulfill and submit the application that incorporates the claims. Professional patent writing service providers help you meet all the required boundaries for your provisional application and offer a detailed description of the invention with the best way of application writing.

Know the Basics of Patent Claim Drafting

According to the USPTO: “The subject matter of the invention in the patent claims must be illustrated in one or more concise and clear sentences or paragraphs.”

  • The claims should incorporate “specific” claims and “board” claims. It assists in maintaining the balance of invention in a way that the claims should not lack anything that it does.
  • The main focus should be on the “scope” via which someone can easily check whether it covers all essential parts of the invention or not.
  • The claim should be clear and in a broad sense and doesn’t contain anything that is not required. While reading the claims, “structure,” “features,” and “scope” should be well-defined and clear.
  • The claim needs to be comprehensive and content clear.
  • The claim must provide borders of the inventions with specifications and details. It can also include dependent claims.
  • Defining the association between different parts of the invention is vital. Effective claim drafting relies upon how well the parts of the claims are described.

What are the Criteria You Need to Follow While Drafting Your Claims

Three criteria should be followed when you draft your claims. The three criteria are clear, complete, and supported. Every claim you write must be in one sentence; in case it is short or long sentences, it should be completed.

Should Be Clear

Your claims should be clear so that the readers can easily read them without any issues. The words you use must be clear and dedicated to the sentences. The words like “such as,” “a major part,” “strong” are not considered as clear and make a subjective judgment to the readers.

Should Be Complete

Every claim application should be complete and cover enough elements and inventive features for presenting the invention in the proper format and context.

Should Be Supported

By providing descriptions, your claims must be supported. It means that the features and characteristics of your inventions must be descriptively explained in your claim form. The terms you use in the claims must be found in the application and if not available, then include them properly.

Importance of Patent Drafting

Patents are intended to encourage and protect innovation and creativity. A company’s ideas, inventions, and innovations are keys to its growth and future success. Therefore, these vital assets should be protected, recognized, and fostered to realize their value and vitality.

The completeness and accuracy of stated claims and patent claim application become vital if and when litigation or prosecution occurs. Inventors can complete the patent application themselves. However, it is suggested to hire experienced patent claim writers as anything you miss in the application present in the invention creates the threat of infringement.

Several inventors think that describing the invention and explaining its usage and technical language without patents is troublesome, and they are right here. Engaging professionals for patent drafting is vital to balance technical components, broad and narrow components. Additionally, hiring patent writing services saves your time and money in the long run.

Patent claims are vital in the whole patent process; therefore, you should get in touch with a professional patent claim writer to describe everything clearly and descriptively. An experienced patent writer helps you maximize the scope of your patent.

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