Warner Bros. Set to Unleash 10 Films Exclusively for Streaming Platform HBO Max Next Year

Good things don’t always come in three’s, especially when it comes to the world of movies; just ask those creative gurus over at Warner Bros. and HBO Max: announced today via our globetrotting buddies over at Variety comes the news that the two industry stalwarts are determined to prove to the world that the number ten is the new three. Got that?

 Warner’s – the studio that has brought us such classic films as The Maltese Falcon, Now, Voyager, Casablanca, Sergeant York, The Exorcist, A Clockwork Orange and Dogfight – is gearing up in 2022 to exclusively release to streaming behemoth HBO Max at least ten new feature films. The announcement came from WarnerMedia Big Wheel Jason Kilar who promised film fans that “motion pictures matter and will continue to matter.”

Although still anticipating going forward with the COVID-19 induced shortened 45-day window for exclusive theatrical distribution before their films hit streaming platforms, Warner Bros also is envisioning a very real scenario where, effective in 2022, they will up their production of films solely intended for premiere on their outlet HBO Max to at least ten films a year, perhaps more. Kilar is blunt, honest and pragmatic when explaining the new release dynamic, saying that he does not envision the filmmaking industry “going back to the way the world was in 2015, 2016 or 2017,” with a much more extended 75-90 day window before a film would see its initial DVD or Blu-ray release, let alone make its premiere via streaming. In short, Pandora’s Box has been kicked open due to world events and have fun trying to put the lid back on Ladies and Gents.

 Kilar remained mum on what the first spate of direct-to-HBO Max feature films would be, but expect to see a model similar to Paramount and their recently announced commissioning of dependable IP’s for solely exclusive streaming runs on Paramount+ such as their upcoming Paranormal Activity sequel/reboot. “Clearly motion pictures matter and will continue to matter,” Kilar said. “They also matter at home in terms of the response we’ve gotten,” he explained, referring to the plethora of people who now count themselves as happy HBO Max subscribers.

 So there you have it, Dear and Constant Reader: Ten is the new three; Or some odd Hollywood logic to that effect. 

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