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Smart Gadgets That Make Life Easier While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone to become cleaner and safer. Another lifestyle change out of the pandemic is working from home. Companies today limit the number of in-house staff as a safety measure to curb the spread of the virus. Getting used to working from home requires patience. However, there are smart gadgets that can make your working from home experience more enjoyable.

Smart gadgets to keep you safe and entertained while working from home

Voice control

The first step to staying safe and entertained during the pandemic is to make your home smart. This entails investing in appropriate gadgets such as voice control. To curb the spread of the virus, it is very important to always clean and disinfects the most touched surfaces. Limiting touching surfaces means fewer cleanups and a safer home. A good idea is to invest in smart home devices with voice control for times such as lights, door locks, window shades, and thermostats.

Implementing voice control gives you a platform to operate your home hands-free. The good thing is to make your platform connect to Alexa from Amazon, Apple’s HomePod, or Google Home. This is the standard for automation and voice control in a home. Investing in a home voice control system makes it coronavirus-free since you’re less likely to touchless surfaces.

Smart thermostats

Now that you’re spending most of your time at home, you have to find ways of cutting energy costs. A good idea is to contact a solar power company Utah that offers energy management solutions. A smart thermostat connected to other smart devices such as voice control in your home is a great investment. With just some simple commands, you will be able to close your window blinds or turn the AC on within a short time.

COVID-19 is a major health concern across the world today. You have to undertake some minor upgrades on your home and put in place best practices to keep yourself and your household safe. To keep air circulating throughout the house, leave the fan to run simultaneously the HVAC system to filter the air. However, this approach requires getting better quality filters that remove fine particles. You can work with an air conditioning professional to guide you on the appropriate steps to take.

Door locks

Smart door locks are deadbolt locks that open using electronics but not cylinders and tumblers. You can open a smart lock using your smartphone, voice command, facial recognition, Near Field Communication tag, or fingerprint. Every smart lock comes with an authentication system for access.

You can have the smart locks integrated into your smart home set up with Apple’s Home app. Apart from opening and closing the door, smart locks can also trigger other smart devices like lights and thermostats. Additionally, a smart lock with a smart doorbell having a camera offer visual confirmation to those who can access your home.

Lighting systems

Working from home now means that you have to worry about electricity bills going up. Investing in a smart lighting system saves on the electricity bill with the use of LED lights. These encourage the use of less energy to light your whole house. Additionally, smart lighting saves electricity with dimming functionality. You can also have the light system programmed with motion sensors to turn on when someone enters a room. This encourages a hands-free experience to eliminate fears of spreading the virus. Smart lights allow you to stay healthier while guaranteeing your home’s security.

Multi-room audio system

Spending more time at home today should not be boring. Invest in a multiroom audio system to transform your entertainment in your smart home. This limits keeping in one room or wearing earbuds and carrying your phone around the house. A multiroom music system allows hearing music from crisp clear high-end speakers throughout the house. This system comes with effortless control regarding the music or podcast you want to listen to.

You will have the freedom to manage the system from a tablet or your smartphone with music flowing in through in-ceiling speakers. You can have different playlists for each room to get ambient sounds to allow you to focus on your work as other members in your households listen to their favorite music as well. And, you can have a music system connected to your voice control system for a hands-free experience.


When working from home, you can stay entertained as well. Investing in a smart home with appropriate smart devices will allow you to focus on your work while listening to your favorite music. When the delivery guy comes, you won’t have to leave your work. You can easily tell who is at the door and give them instructions through the smart locks with camera and voice commands. And, smart lights and thermostats help lower the energy bill despite spending a lot of time at home.

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