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Sign Your Personal Injury Attorney is a Fraud

After being injured in a slip and fall or in a car accident, most people would focus on recovering from their injuries and getting their lives back on track. While recovering, though, people in the U.S. would be aware of needing to file their claim with their insurance company and settle the legal and administrative matters of their accident.

When someone gets injured by another person’s negligent behavior, they are entitled to compensation for their injuries and damages and a lot of people decide to hire a personal injury attorney to help them with the legal side of their accident claim. Smart choice, indeed, but sometimes finding a good and reliable personal injury attorney can be quite difficult.

The unlucky few, guided by the empty promises and low attorney fees, suffered a declined accident claim because they trusted a lawyer that doesn’t have the knowledge or the experience to recover fair compensation for their clients. But if we take the best attorneys in the field, on the opposite side we won’t find those who are less knowledgeable.

On the other side of the coin, we will find lawyers who have the knowledge and expertise but are willing to tap into the murky waters of misconduct in order to win the case. Those are the ones willing to bribe specialists and falsify evidence in your personal injury case, even if what they are doing is considered fraud.

The worst thing is, they are willing to do this without your consent. By advising you on your next steps in the process, they will not tell you that what they are doing is actually illegal. And you, being confused and still suffering from shock and pain from your accident, will listen blindly for anything they have to say, ultimately dooming your claim and losing all rights to recover your damages.

A Definite Sign Your Attorney is Fraudulent

There are many good personal injury attorneys out there who worked hard for years to build their reputation and earn the experience that will make them the best in the field. And with good knowledge, experience, skills, and results come good rates and those rates are what many other attorneys are after. But some attorneys are determined to earn money and earn it fast by coming up with ideas that will almost guarantee them a win in any personal injury claim.

It’s not just a win they are after; they will go as far as to bring medical reports in order to get a maximum compensation amount. This way they stand out by their win rate but also by the amounts they recovered for their clients.

However, anytime a personal injury attorney meddles or is acting strange regarding your medical records, you can be sure they are doing something they are not supposed to. If your attorney tells you to ask your doctor for a referral to a specific medical specialist, it may mean they are closely connected to that medical specialist.

It is not uncommon for an attorney to be familiar with doctors and medical specialists and many use their connections for advisory purposes. But a small number of attorneys designed a scheme with a medical specialist in order to receive a ”boosted” medical record.

A ”boosted” medical record will show your injuries are much more serious than they really are, thus allowing your attorney to ask for a larger compensation amount. The more money you earn, the more money they earn since most of the attorneys charge a percentage of the compensation and only when they win your case.

But in order for you to receive a medical report from one specific doctor your lawyer had in mind, you have to be referred to them by your primary doctor. The only way for you to reach the medical specialist connected to your lawyer is if you ask for the referral yourself.

So anytime your attorney starts mentioning a certain medical facility or a doctor, you can be sure there is some kind of deal between them to falsify or exaggerate your medical reports. This usually happens with car accident claims where a person suffered minor injuries and is considered to be in minor pain.

This type of attorney, if they don’t have a designated medical expert to boost up your medical reports, will try to impact your reports in a different way. They will ask you to keep them a secret and not tell your doctor that you have a personal injury attorney.

The reason behind this is because, allegedly, some doctors are reluctant to appear in a discovery phase of your claim or even testify in court. But if your claim ends up going to court, they may receive an invitation to testify about the gravity of your injuries. Because of this, it is believed that many doctors tend to make the medical reports sound milder than they are.

They will make sure your medical report is as generic as it could be, and such a medical report does not result in large settlement amounts. Your attorney’s reasoning behind this is that by keeping your legal representation a secret, your doctor will give you an honest evaluation of your injuries, unbothered about the possibilities of having to testify in court.

But a good attorney will not be bothered about your medical records or what your primary doctor will write. An honest personal injury attorney will make sure everything is 100 percent transparent in your case, will communicate with your doctor, and urge you not to miss any appointments.

Highly experienced attorneys have their own medical experts who will once again examine your medical record and write a detailed report about it. If your primary doctor shows they are reluctant to treat you because they may be called to testify once again, you are free to find another who will.

You may even ask your attorney for a good medical specialist recommendation, but this idea should come from you and voluntarily. Finding a lawyer who is honest and is good at communicating with not only you but your primary doctor and insurance companies, while pursuing the best results for your claim is much better than having someone willing to scam the system and jeopardize your claim and financial future.

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