Salt´S Up: A Small Salt Shop In Estonia

Gourmet salts make every dish savory, delicious, and healthy to eat. However, you must always trust a brand that’s selling you organic and premium quality salts. And today, we bring you Salt’s Up shop in Estonia. 

This shop is all that we need to bring life to our everyday meals. And the rest information about this website or online salt shop is given below. 

Varieties of gourmet salts are available here.

Salts ranging from African salt, Alaea salt, Andaliman pepper, to Bamboo Jade salt coarse, Black Lava salt are available here. Each of these exotic salt types has different purposes and benefits. Read those on each salt’s description before purchasing anyone in particular. 

For example, Black Lava salt has activated charcoal with anti-toxin properties combined with relief to your digestive tract. 

Similarly, Chilli Crystal salt flakes are best for preparing ideal meat dishes. Make your next non-veg dish like chicken and fish healthier than ever. Plus, you can also use this salt for making a salad of fresh fruits and vegetables at home. 

Grasp in-depth knowledge on salts on Salt’s Up shop.

This Estonia salt shop is quite responsible. They have introduced a certain section (Salt Stories) for blog posts. In this section, you can read multiple blog posts related to different types of salts, their uses, history, myths, and benefits. 

There is one such blog post about African salt pearls. The admins there explain the uses, uniqueness, and history of these salty pearls. You can even read some recipes in the same blog post for using African pearl salt to make an unforgettable meal at home.

Quite affordable rates for each salt pack.

This shop exclusively for different gourmet salts has a variety of salt collections. The price easily ranges from $9.99 to about $80.00. You can buy a single unit of any favorite salt pack of yours at quite an affordable rate. 

Otherwise, try purchasing a collection of salt bottles in a pack, costing you about $50.00-80.00. However, this pack is quite a deal. To know more about these collections, visit the store itself. 

Note that the price might change any day if there is any offer going on. But the store overall has very attractive prices for each salt type they offer. 

The store provides international shipping.

That’s one of the premium qualities of this store. You are not restricted to buy and use these salts just because you are not in Estonia. You can be anywhere in the world and still order the gourmet salts available in this store. 

And if you purchase an order of 49 EUR, the shipping cost will be completely free. That’s when you are a European resident. For elsewhere, shipping is free over orders worth 69 EUR or 79 USD. 

The delivery period for international orders is about 7-10 days for EU countries. But it’s 15-20 days for countries outside the EU territory. 

So, this store gives you ample options to order in bulk when you are outside the EU or Estonia itself. 

There is a clear-cut refund policy on the site.

You can go to the “how to buy” section on the site to clarify your doubts about the shipping and return policy. The terms and conditions are pretty nominal and transparent on the site. 

You must not have any confusion regarding the orders. There is a full support system given to each customer by the site. They have an email ID for you to reach out to if you are not satisfied with the order you received.

However, you should contact them within 14 days of receiving your order, irrespective of the country you’re in. 

Note: the shipping costs are not refundable, though.

Create your login ID and check your order on time.

The ease of shopping and placing an order on this website is easy. Do you know how? That’s simple. You can make an account on this site like on any other ecommerce shop. Then, you can fill-up all your shipping and billing details. 

You can make a wish list of the salts and bring them into your cart. Finally, you can purchase and start tracking your order whenever you are logged in. 

This feature makes the entire gourmet salt shopping experience fun, easier, and reliable. 

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