Interview with Finesse Cobain

Hi Finesse Cobain! How are you?

Blessed, very blessed.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in New Jersey, but eventually, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where I started to make a name for myself. Then from there, I relocated to Atlanta GA where it all started to happen for me, life started changing.

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

My biggest inspiration is knowing that I can make a difference in people’s lives, that’s what I do it for.

What are 3 words that describe your music?

Pain, passion, and perseverance/longevity.

What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard to write about something that I’m going through because that’s when I go the hardest, that’s when you get that raw emotion out of me. 

What are the challenges of being an artist?

There’s a lot of challenges of being an artist, most of your friends and peers aren’t going to support you in the beginning, they only want to support you after you’re winning. Your friends aren’t going to put in on studio time, come to your shows, and help invest in you, but they want to be there to turn up or to say they know you when you blow. I think it’s just that way where I come from. You have to do it yourself.

Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

My single Slum Baby featuring DJ Holiday’s artist Lil Crank is out on all platforms, and my album entitled Slum Baby will be releasing sometime this summer featuring Boosie Badazz, Soulja Boy, Lil Poppa, and a few more.

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