How to Move To Italy as a Non-EU Citizen

If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to live in Italy for more than 90 days, then you must have a visa with you when you arrive in the country. You can avail several types of visas if you wish to stay in Italy for an extended period of time.

Retire2Italy lists down all of the important details about these visas.

  1. Elective Residence Visa

To get this visa, you do not have to set up a business in Italy or get a job here. You must have a passive income of 31,000 Euros per year and must have a place of residence anywhere on Italian soil to be eligible to get this visa. A valid international health insurance is a must to get an elective residence visa. The other documents you will need include

  1. your two most recent tax returns
  2. a letter of recommendation from your bank
  3. a letter of recommendation from your accountant
  4. proof of permanent residence in your home country
  5. a copy of your most recent bank statement

Getting this visa does not allow you to work or start a business in Italy. You must be able to sustain yourself on your passive income if you are opting for this visa. If you have any more questions about the elective residence visa, then you can contact retire to Italy to get your queries answered?

2. Freelance Visa

These types of visas are a hit with people who work remotely or are looking for freelance work. Performers, artists, athletes, and freelancers opt for this visa to stay and work out of Italy. They have the option to change this visa to another type once they have arrived in Italy. The things required to get this visa are:

  1. Italian Chamber of Commerce registration
  2. Long term accommodation in Italy
  3. Proof of permanent residence in your home country
  4. You two most recent tax returns
  5. Nulla osta from the Italian migration office

People opt to work out of and freelance in Italy because they can earn a benefit of 90% tax free income in Italy, according to the new tax laws of the country.

3. Business and Corporate Visa

This visa allows you to set up a business or extend your established business to Italy. Here are the things you need:

  1. The documents of your company’s registration at the Italian Chamber of Commerce
  2. The most recent account statements of the company
  3. A letter from a legal representative stating a minimum annual compensation of 8400 Euros.
  4. Long term accommodation within Italy
  5. Proof of permanent residence in your home country
  6. Two most recent tax returns
  7. Nulla osta from the Italian immigration office

If you are looking for more details about this visa or more information on how to start a branch of your business in Italy, then you can get in touch with Retire2Italy.

4. Investor Visa

This visa is for those who would like to invest in a business in any sector within Italy. The minimum amount to be invested varies depending on which sector the investment is being made in. A proposed investment plan and a long term accommodation in Italy is all that is required to get this visa. You have to let the immigration officers know about how much you want to invest. You can make the final investment after your visa has been approved. Retire2Italy has an extensive section explaining the workings of this visa.

To Conclude

Italy has many favorable conditions like great Mediterranean weather, fine food and rich cultural heritage. It is also a thriving centre for business and commerce. So, this is why it is a much preferred destination to settle down in. Getting a long term Italian visa may be tough but Retire2Italy takes that hassle away from you by simplifying visa procedures so it does not seem like too big a deal. If you still have questions, then you can contact Retire2Italy for more information.

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