UPDATE: Canceled NBC Series “Manifest” Might Have a New Home with Netflix

In an event that might put Lazarus rising from the dead to complete shame, mega-streaming platform Netflix is in serious behind-the-scenes talks with NBC to revive the recently canceled series Manifest, sources from Deadline report.

 Recently canceled by NBC, Manifest continues to draw in crazy viewership numbers via licensee Netflix, which streams the first two seasons of the three season series. Money is the one true currency in Hollywood; everything else is background. With that rationale, cooler heads have apparently decided to resume talks with the show’s creatives and the NBC network, with a possible eye towards reviving the airline mystery series exclusively on Netflix. The streamer initially balked at the prospect of throwing Manifest a lifeline when first approached about such a prospect.

So, what does Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake have to say about these sudden developments? As is befitting any good businessman who is currently in negotiations, not much but enough perhaps to give fans of the show some glimmer of hope: “Lots of speculation out there. No comment. Other than, if the impossible happens and the dead rise again, it’s because of YOU,” Rake stated in a social media post a few days back.

 It’s happened before of course, a fan-favorite show rescued from the deadly clutches of the creature known as cancelation: Cagney and Lacey is an example most-oft cited when talking about a show that is all but dead and buried until throngs of impassioned fans rise up against their network overseers and demand further adventures of their favorite fictional characters. My personal story in this regard comes not from that classic Tyne Daly-Sharon Gless crime drama, but rather from an all-but forgotten ABC trifle from the very early 1990s called Homefront. Long before a subpar 2013 action thriller feature film stole that name, Homefront was an hour-long drama that dealt with the fictional residents of River Run, Ohio in the years immediately after World War II. Credited with widely introducing to audiences the combined acting talents of Kyle Chandler and John Slatterly (the rest of the cast weren’t slouches either, by the way), Homefront immediately inspired a rabid but, alas, small viewing audience. When it was announced by the network that they would cancel the series due to low ratings, fans rallied and actually saved the series, albeit quite temporarily. Still, short-lived or not, it felt like a real victory to this newcomer to pop culture, something akin to a win of a character from a Frank Capra movie. So keep swinging for the fences, Manifest fans; sometimes good old fashioned pluck and determination can win out against the bureaucracy of Hollywood!

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