Promote YouTube Videos and Help Accelerate Your Channel’s Growth

The rising importance of YouTube has made it imperative for artists to promote youtube videos. But to reap the genuine benefits of the giant platform, it is necessary to find a suitable company that provides the right kind of promotion at a friendly price. Choose the one that offers organic promotion.

As an artist, you want to connect with new fans as well as other artists. So, without any thought, YouTube is the place to go.

When an artist wants to share a video and reach millions without any hassle, YouTube has always come to the rescue. And, why not! The huge platform has become increasingly popular in recent years with everyone for its numerous benefits.

Being the second-most visited website, YouTube provides artists a great way to directly engage with millions of their fans.

Let’s understand the hype behind YouTube.

YouTube is the ultimate destination for music. For emphasizing its importance, below listed are some convincing data.

  • YouTube gets more streams than other streaming services. 46% of music streams with YouTube
  • 85% of the teenagers use YouTube
  • YouTube has over 2 billion users
  • 500 hours of video get uploaded every day that reflects its popularity amongst the users
  • Over 81% of businesses trust YouTube for promoting their products

Are you curious now?

When an artist chooses to promote their music on the platform imagine the boost their music receives.

If you’re wondering why promotion is required then let’s get clear about it. There are numerous reasons why artists must invest in YouTube.

Firstly, being a verified artist will certainly give you a lot of popularity and credibility. Next, your music gets more value and is seen by millions.

And these are just the beginning. Everything is possible when you decide to promote YouTube videos.

Apart from creating songs, music promotion is essential. Needless to say, that the online industry is flooding with the competition. Even if your music is unique and of high quality, it won’t get recognized until it reaches your target audience.

As an artist you must be well-versed with crafting amazing music, but are you equally qualified to promote it?

There are a lot of things that go into promotion. And, even if it seems easy, it’s not.

Here’s how the experts can help you:

  1. Show Up

If your music is not being seen, it’s perhaps not being heard either. Simple!

Surprisingly, 52% of music consumption that happens worldwide is through video. And, 93% of the total videos on YouTube are music videos. So, you can only imagine the competition of getting seen.

Even if it sounds harsh, but simply creating is never enough. On the other hand, experts can promote your YouTube video and help to provide what the market wants.

This will give your video the valuable exposure it deserves!

  • Incredible Optimization

Fun fact: YouTube videos show up in almost 70% of the Google search results.

Isn’t it obvious? As visual beings, humans are more attracted to videos and grasp multimedia information faster.

Think of your YouTube videos as something that needs optimization to show up. What are the rules that you need to follow?

Listen: There’s a reason why you must hire an agency.

To increase your video’s visibility, here’s what the professionals optimize.

  • Description & Titles
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Engagement in the form of likes, views, and comments
  • Watch time
  • Thumbnail
  • Font
  • CTAs
  • Use Awesome Tools

Did you know that YouTube offers 3 free video promotional tools to every channel?

It’s true! But unfortunately, not many artists are aware of this fact. When you hire the experts they apply their hard-earned knowledge and expertise to promote the YouTube video in the best way possible.

The 3 tools are:

  • YouTube End Screens
  • Branding Watermark
  • Cards

But all of these need to be placed properly for video promotion.

  • Target the best traffic

Even though as an artist you create music for the world, but there must be a particular community to whom it is dedicated.

Sounds pretty direct but it is true. Finding your target audience can be difficult mainly when you are new or have just started your music career.

The experts use tools to help you find your niche audience. They track the location, interests, gender, hobbies, preferences, and various other factors to help you showcase the music at the right hour.

If you believe in your work and are looking for a reliable company to take advantage of the above-mentioned points, the Music Promotion Club is where you should be.

The company has established itself as an industry expert by helping several artists, musicians, business owners, bloggers, and producers by promoting their music.

The professionals are solely driven to provide maximum engagement to your video and hence, promote your video in YouTube and other YouTube partners. This helps to showcase your video to millions.

Not just that, the organization has a strong network of social media. This means that in any case if you felt that you’re missing out on the horde of social traffic, you’re wrong!

Apart from promoting aggressively on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the company promotes the YouTube video in various music magazines!

By simply selecting your desired number of views, your music can achieve the fame it deserves. And, all of this is completely organic.

Honestly, the struggle as a budding artist is real. And, to thrive in the competitive market, an initial boost is necessary. Music Promotion Club does that with absolute expertise.

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