Hi Guys Welcome to Vents! How have you been?.

Adam: What’s the craic! Yea I’ve been all good thanks 

James: Hey, all good thanks.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single? 

James: We can indeed. I think it’s the best display of “our sound” that we’ve created so far. A special thanks to the man behind the desk Cian Synott for that! I think it has all the ingredients to be a classic indie banger, it’s my favorite tune we’ve done so far and I absolutely love playing this one live.

Adam: The latest single “Be Like This” is one of my favorite songs we’ve been playing over the last few gigs pre pandemic and finally being able to record it in Windmill Lane alongside some great engineers was so much fun! I really love how it turned out. The process of recording was seamless. 

Jacqueline : Be Like This favourite song to record. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. It’s hard to explain, something just resonates when I hear it and play it. 

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

Adam: I think the track shows connotations to the pandemic and lockdown that we all had to endure over the last few months. 

James: Not really. We’ve been sitting on the song for a while now and I wrote it a while ago. The referendum of the 36th amendment (abortion laws) here in Ireland was happening around that time so I feel that’s where the opening few lines came from.

Jacqueline : James’ gorgeous guitar and Vocals 😉 

The single comes off your forthcoming debut EP ‘The Pits and The Glamour’. What’s the story behind the title? 

James: It came from when we had a gig (remember them) supporting Louis Berry and I remember saying to my mate how I’ve come from the building site pretty much straight to the show and he replied “From The Pits to The Glamour” and it stuck with me from then, when it came around the naming the EP I had that written in my notes on my phone.

Jacqueline : It’s a true reflection of being a modern day artist 

How was the writing and recording process? 

Adam: The recording process was amazing. All done in Windmill Lane studios here in Dublin one of the best well known studios in the country with a fantastic team. We had a lot of fun and really got to experiment with some new gadgets and things we haven’t seen before. The quality of the new tracks are second to none.

James: Be Like This as I said was written a couple of years ago as well as the rest bar the next single from the EP, which was written in lockdown. I don’t really have a process in writing the songs, I know it sounds cliche but they just come to me. In terms of the recording process it was very enjoyable, from start to finish, from the preparation in rehearsals to the recording itself, and to do it in such a famous studio, windmill lane, it was a dream.

Jacqueline: one of my favourite musical experience. The lads are like brothers to me. Really irritating and talented brothers, but brothers none the less. The laughter and lightness in the studio recording this EP was a driving force on what we produced 

What role does Dublin play in your music? 

Adam: I believe Dublin as a whole fuels our music with passion. The city itself has shaped our music while keeping it clean and rugged. 

James: I wouldn’t say it has a role to play in our music as such.

Jacqueline : serves the best chicken tenders in between takes and keeps the creative juices flowing 

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? 

James: The Inspiration I suppose just comes from our own lives, or the usual day to day life.  Everyday experiences of your average person. I find writing about experiences that I haven’t experienced myself a bit pointless and fake, and that’s the last thing this band is.

Adam: Good and bad past experiences tend to tell the story of our songs whether it is  broken or mended relationships or just simply  having a good night out on the town with friends. 

What else is happening next in Fruitz’ world? 

James: This EP will be out fairly soon, then fingers crossed when it’s possible we’ll be gigging bigger than ever, it’s an exciting time indeed for us.

Adam: GIGS GIGS GIGS! We are really pushing for some gigs as soon as possible that’s what I really missed the most over the whole pandemic I can’t wait to see friendly faces again and play all the new songs we have been preparing over lockdown.

Jacqueline: What’s happening next? Live performances and tours to beat the band, excuse the pun.

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