4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Most people are aware that the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin and eyes without proper precautions. But some people don’t know how to protect their eyes from other damaging types of light.

The sun emits a spectrum of colored rays, including shades of yellow, green, orange, red, and blue. Also, your eyes are exposed to a wide range of light rays every day.

From switching on the light in your room, to walking or jogging under the sun, to turning on your computer and scrolling through your digital devices, you are constantly exposed to different light rays that can affect your body.

Though the sun is the biggest source of blue light, modern gadgets like computers, smartphones, and television screens produce blue light as well. And although these man-made devices emit only a small amount of blue light, too much exposure to them and at a close range can negatively affect your vision.

Fortunately, there are several blue light blocking devices like blue light glasses in Dubai that you can purchase, and some techniques you can follow to protect your eye health.

Here’s how you can protect your eyes from blue light to keep your vision healthy.

1. Invest in blue light blocking glasses

The easiest way to prevent blue light from damaging your eyes is to wear a pair of computer glasses with a blue light filter, especially if you spend most of your waking hours switching between different digital screens.

You don’t have to be a glasses wearer to use blue light glasses because you can get these without a prescription. You may also wear these over your contact lenses or prescription glasses.

Suppose you prefer to add a blue light filter to your current prescription, the best optical shops in Dubai allow for customization. This pair of glasses can optimize your vision for the distance at which you view your screens.

2. Enable night mode or blue light filter on your devices

Phone manufacturers already started doing their part in minimizing the amount of blue light emitted from their products. They allow users to make simple adjustments to their phone settings to filter out blue light.

For iPhone users, you can set your phone on “night mode” at around 10 pm to 7 am, depending on the sunset and sunrise timings for your area. If this mode is activated, the blue light is filtered out, making the display appear much warmer.

For Android phone users, look for the “blue light filter” in the settings and adjust it accordingly. You will see how the screen gets warmer, allowing your mind and eyes to settle before going to sleep every night.

3. Use screen protectors

Screen protectors will not just protect the screen of your devices from wear and tear or scratches. They also work to minimize the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes.

Blue light screen protectors don’t alter screen visibility, allowing you to use your devices like before. They can also come with privacy filters to prevent anyone beside or behind you from viewing the content on your display screen.

4. Give your eyes a rest

Whenever possible, reduce the amount of time you spend on your computers and other digital devices. For instance, go screen-free for the evening or take part in activities like cooking and fitness once in a while.

Ideally, you need to employ the 20-20-20 rule, wherein you must take a break from your screens every 20 minutes to stare at something that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This practice helps prevent eye strain and serves as a reminder to be conscious about blue light exposure.

But if it seems it is impossible to step away from your computer, make it a habit to enjoy screen-free lunch and snack breaks.

When you are not at work, consider having a screen-free day. Do some yard work or other house chores instead. And if you are on vacation, make the most out of it by exploring as many tourist attractions in the UAE as you can or experience the unique adventures the place offers.

The amount of blue light from computers and other digital screens may only be a fraction of what the sun emits. But there is a significant concern about the long-term effects of screen exposure due to the length of time spent using them and the close proximity of the screens to your eyes.

There’s no better way of protecting your eyes from blue light than to take precautionary measures now.

Start by wearing a high-quality pair of blue light glasses and using blue light screen protectors. And don’t forget to rest your eyes whenever you can and consume foods that can benefit your eye health.

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