Can Physiotherapy Help Arthritis?

In simple terms, Arthritis means joint disorder. This type of disorder comes along with stiffness, pain, inflammation, and most of the time, it does come with restrictions in movement because the joints are too inflamed to make a move. But mind you, Arthritis happens when multiple joints are involved, but when it has to do with just one joint, it is called monoarthritis, and when it affects more than three joints, it is called oligoarthritis; further research has shown that there are more than a hundred types of Arthritis today. For example, Osteoarthritis happens as a result of wear and tear of the cartilage, while Rheumatoid Arthritis happens as a result of an overactive immune system.

Most Common Types of Arthritis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

This is an inflammatory disease that causes some small stones in the vertebrae to fuse. This fuse is what causes the spine to be less, thus, can make the sufferer assume a hunched-forward posture.


This is a complex yet common type of Arthritis that is prevalent in both genders. It is particularly with sudden severe pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness in the joints, and it is very common on the toe. The attack can be sudden, and it is known to waking victims up in the middle of the night with some strong sensational feeling on the joint.

Other Types of Arthritis include:

•          Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis

•          Osteoarthritis

•          Reactive Arthritis

Arthritis has become one of the commonest chronic illnesses in the world today, and it is even commoner among old people. In some other worse scenarios, they often go disabled because of adequate treatment and can practically affect your way of life. But mind you, every gender and age are vulnerable to the condition: men, women, and children. As for diagnosing Arthritis and getting the needed treatment, it is expected that your doctor examines the affected joints to check for inflammation and deformity, review the symptoms, and look for signs related to the disease. While diagnosis, it is also expected that a blood test should be conducted, and joint fluid tests or x-rays will be conducted.

The Role of Physiotherapy in the treatment of Arthritis

Since Physiotherapy has a lot to do with exercise and other physical activities, their contribution to the treatment of Arthritis is very noticeable. But mind you, the treatment of Arthritis still requires a great deal of mental involvement; thus, any treatment suggested by a physiotherapist should be channelled towards the improvement of the mental and physical parts of the body. Such physical activity will also go a long way in the management of the disease.

When the sufferer engages in these specific exercises, the muscles around the affected areas grow stronger, prevent bone loss, and control pain and swelling. When there are regular activities in the affected areas, the lubricants in that area will be replenished, and the cartilage located in those areas automatically reduces the pain and stiffness.

With some of these physiotherapeutically methods, stamina and energy will be enhanced, and fatigue will be reduced, hence, improving sleep. Again, we all know that engaging in exercise reduces body weight, but what many people fail to understand is that as weights are reduced, those affected areas are also relieved of some weight, which is good for the whole process.

Finally, diagnosing Arthritis in its early stage can save you a lot of trouble, it can prevent the sufferer from completely going disabled or degenerating into some irreversible damage. To prevent or reduce the risk of one suffering from Arthritis, medications, activities like exercise routines, physiotherapy and rest are recommended. If you work closely with your physiotherapist, they should be in a position to recommend a few exercises that will guarantee proper and faster recovery.

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