Who to Inform When Moving House in the UK

When moving house, there is certainly a long list of people and institutions that you must make sure to inform beforehand. From family and friends to larger governmental authorities, we’ve created a who to notify when moving house checklist to make it easier for you. We recommend that you pay special attention since you could incur fines, have difficulty accessing funds, and lose friends if you don’t. Better safe than sorry!

First things first, before you move house, you’ll certainly need to inform your mover where you’ll be moving to. If you don’t have a mover yet, you can visit Sirelo where you’ll be able to find and compare moving companies and even request free quotes. It’s very convenient since there’s a lot to do when moving house and you may not have time to do comparison shopping. It’ll definitely help save you money!

Family and Friends

This may be somewhat obvious, but it’s important to update your family and friends of a change of address. Otherwise, it’ll be hard for them to visit if they don’t know where you live! You can easily do this by making a post on a common social media platform, a group chat, or by sending letters. Embrace you inner Santa, make a list and check it twice. See who’s informed and who’s not!

Governmental Authorities

This section is very important when moving, as if you forget to update any of the following institutions, you could face penalties and losing the immediate right to vote. Thus, informing these institutions should be high in your priority list!

Council Tax

If you’re leaving your current council area, you’ll need to update them on your change of address. Luckily, you can easily do this in advance of your move. You must also notify the council of the area you’re moving to, but there’s no rush, as you can do this after you’ve moved. For more information, you can visit the government page on Council Tax.


If you’re moving to a different region in the UK and wish to vote there, then updating your voter registration is a must. The process doesn’t take long, and it’s actually the same process as registering to vote. Phew!


You have to inform HMRC when moving house for the following reasons: income tax, national insurance, state pension, tax credits, and child benefits.


Last but not least, if you have a driver’s license and a car, notifying DVLA about a change of address will be a priority. The reason for this is to get your driver’s license updated along with all documentation pertaining to your car, like the V5C Vehicle Log Book. Failure to do this will result in a fine of up to £1,000, which we can imagine is something you’d like to avoid!


When moving house, you’ll need to notify your utility companies (think electricity, gas, and water) since you’ll no longer need their services at your old house. Depending on their service range, they may be able to serve your new home. Otherwise, you’ll have to cancel your contract. Be sure to review your current contract for any penalties before cancelling!

Remember! Your telecommunications and TV provider will require the same considerations as other utility companies. If you receive satellite TV, you may have to pay for the installation of a dish at your new home. Finally, you’ll also be required to update your information regarding TV licensing.  


​It’s important to take care of your health, so if you’re moving outside the area of service of your current doctor, dentist, optician, and your pet’s vet, it’s a good idea to notify them early when moving house. They will, once you found the equivalent in your new area, forward the necessary medical information so you can continue to receive great healthcare.


A new area will bring a different set of risks. Therefore in order to ensure your insurance is still valid, notifying your provider when you move is necessary. If you haven’t, make a list of all your insurance providers and the policies you have with them. You might even want to consider shopping around for a new policy.


If you or your children are currently in school or university, you’ll need to notify these institutions when moving, as they’ll need your current address for any mailings that may be sent during the scholastic year. Additionally, if you or your children are transferring to a new institute, the faculty will need time to prepare the necessary documentation that will help the transition go smoothly.


It’s super crucial that you inform your bank when moving house. It can be easy to forget with online banking, but your bank will mail you important notices and new bankcards, and you really don’t want these arriving to a location you no longer reside in. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that they’re kept up to date on any change of address.

Additional Considerations

If you have a subscription to a monthly magazine or daily newspaper, you’ll want to notify them when moving home so that they’re delivered to the correct address.

Memberships with any gyms, clubs, or societies that you can no longer use are things that will require notice to cancel billings or remove you from the roster. You can search for similar businesses in your new area, and maybe your former club can even recommend one –just keep away from their rivals!

Of course, if there’s anyone that you accidentally forget to inform about your change of address, you can use the mail redirection service of the Royal Mail. So, if you happen to receive any mail at your old address from someone that you forgot to notify that you’ve moved house, you’ll receive it at your new address.

As you see, there are quite a lot of people you should inform about your move, so it’s best to get started as early as possible –and it’s really never too soon to start. Good luck and we wish you the best with your move!

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