The Thrill of Live Chat and Live Streams

Throughout most social media platforms, an individual can click a button and start sharing a live broadcast. Also, several other platforms were created specifically for live streaming. With that said, the question that arises is why is live video such a big deal? What’s the thrill of live streams and live chat?

Similar to a traditional TV broadcast, live streaming refers to content that’s being broadcast live through the internet. To understand just how much this market is growing, It is predicted that by the end of 2028, the live streaming industry will reach $223 billion.

Additionally, out of all platforms for live streaming, twitch is one of the biggest, with an average of 30 million visitors per day. 

There are many reasons why live streaming is important, and some of the main ones are:

  1. Because of the level of interaction it offers
  2. Because of the more authentic interaction it offers
  3. Because you can reach more people 

The genuine interaction creates a relationship with viewers, and that’s precisely what live streaming offers. For instance, if you play a live casino game at and the dealer stutters or laughs, viewers see the authenticity and identify with him. 

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that live video streaming is outgrowing video on demand. The year-over-year growth of long videos on demand has grown 30%, short videos have grown 9%, and live videos have grown 113%.

Benefits of Live Chat

When people get asked about their preferences for support channels, they usually say they prefer live chat over phone calls, emails, and social media. Why is that so? Mainly, it is because live chat support is convenient, fast, and efficient. 

The first and most obvious advantage of live chat is that it lets customers get their questions answered instantly. This feels much better than composing an email to a support team, especially when you are in a hurry. 

Secondly, live chat enables employees to deal with multiple customers at once, which is quite an improvement from customer service via phone that only allows the staff to handle one query at a time. 

Finally, another major perk to live chat is all of the data it can collect, and with that data, a brand or a site can always work on improving its services. If interested, you can go and check the complete list of best online casinos at Casino Whizz and pick a site with top-notch live customer support. 

Downsides of Live Chat

On the other hand, not all people are thrilled about live chat support. Some customers have negative experiences with live chats as they can feel impersonal, so they will prefer to use the telephone. 

Another downside is that not all live chats work correctly on mobile devices. And, since so many people rely on mobiles these days, this may be frustrating for some customers.

Finally, live chat support can be complex for people with physical disabilities, which makes typing quite tricky for them. These people may feel embarrassed or even intimidated by live chats, so they prefer to call. 

Benefits of Live Streams

Live streaming is one of the most futuristic technologies of all time that has gained massive popularity among people because of its myriad possibilities. When you think about it,  thanks to all the benefits it brings, it’s totally understandable why live streaming draws an audience. 

Live streaming enables people to literally “go live” on a major platform like Facebook, Youtube, and specialised gaming platforms like Twitch with only a few clicks of a button. Hence, it’s very easy to navigate, and if you get stuck,  the internet is full of guides to streaming that are entirely free.

Finally, with live streaming, you can reach a larger audience. A person can reach attendees in faraway places who don’t have money or time to attend in person, which is quite a plus. 

Downsides of Live Streams

One major downside of live streams is possible technical issues that can cause slowness, blurry images, and warped sounds for the people that are tuned in. So, you must be willing to take the risk of losing viewers from time to time. 

Another downside of live streaming is that anything can happen, which can work both for you and against you. At last, you are recording yourself live, so it’s possible to experience some awkward and embarrassing moments. 

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