Take Me Back Jackson Dollinger

Jackson Dollinger Dishes About His Upcoming Single And More!


1. You are a series regular on the hit Disney show Sydney to the Max. Tell us what your experience has been like growing up on a TV series.
Growing up on a TV series has taught me so much. This experience has taught me so many valuable life lessons. I’ve learned to stick to my values and always be myself. In addition, the on-set experience that I have gained throughout this journey is priceless. I have learned so much.  I’m so grateful that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love.

2. You are also a singer/songwriter. What made you take the leap into music?
I have always loved listening to music, but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I took interest in producing music, writing lyrics, and singing.  I took music theory and drum lessons and decided that I wanted to try my hand at producing music.  From there, my parents encouraged me to write lyrics to my music compositions and I took vocal lessons and the rest is history.  I look forward to continuing to develop in my craft and hope to produce other Artists as well.

3. You have a brand new single called “Take Me Back” coming out later this month. What is the song about?
“Take Me Back” is about me questioning where I would be if I hadn’t pursued a career in acting. One theme that is portrayed throughout the song is that, it is okay to question your life decisions.  If you are not happy, then you should change courses.  I often wondered if I had continued in traditional school, would I be on the basketball team or debate team, etc. or how would my life differ.  The reality is that young actors and artists sacrifice some childhood experiences to do what they love and the song addresses how all of perks don’t come without a cost.  Having said that, when I look back at the choices I made, I am happy with my decision to pursue my dream and grateful for all of the positive things that have come from working in the industry and I intend to continue on the path that I have ventured down and work hard at achieving my goals.

4. What inspired you to write this song? 
This song is inspired by personal experiences and the question, “What if?” Personally, in “Take Me Back,” I ask myself, “What if I didn’t fall into the entertainment industry?”

5. Which do you enjoy more acting or songwriting?
I can’t choose! I love them both for different reasons. Music is where I get all the creative freedom. There is no director telling me what I have to do. I get to be the director and make every song exactly how I want it. With acting, I love being able to step into a character’s shoes and take on new roles. It’s impossible for me to choose between acting and music. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, because they are so different.

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself as a college graduate with 5 feature films under my belt, and 5 full length albums out. Most importantly, I see myself as a very fortunate young man who got to make a career out of something they love to do.


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