New Singing Talent Show “Alter Ego” Enlists Alanis Morissette and Grimes as Judges

It used to be so much simpler back in the streamlined good old days when the only televised singing talent show out there (at least here in the Unites States) was the cheesy-goodness that was Star Search (with your host Ed McMahon). The fact that there was only one such talent competition on the airwaves certainly made it easier on everyone’s respective dance cards: No last minute Sophie’s Choice type of a moment where you had to pick and choose exactly which show you were going to watch, no endless programming of our clunky VCR’s or, later on, TiVo’s to stress about. My, how times have changed: Since American Idol jumped onto center stage lo those many moons ago, it seems as if a virtual tsunami of similarly themed series have bombarded the airwaves from The Voice to The Masked Singer, I Can See Your Voice and Sing On. In short, every evening is Amateur Hour on network or streaming television. According to our incessant All Together Now fanatics over at The Hollywood Reporter, that list has just gotten slightly longer with a new singing competition called Alter Ego and, what’s more, the producers behind the new show are enlisting some pretty serious star power in the form of chanteuse Alanis Morissette and her fellow Canadian crooner, Grimes…

Alter Ego is a new singing competition from the Fox network, being described as a “special effects-assisted spin” on their uber-popular series The Masked Singer. Alanis Morissette, Grimes, Nick Lachey and have all been set to act as judges on the show, with Rocsi Diaz of 106 & Park fame tapped to host.

 Rob Wade, the Big Kahuna of alternative entertainment and specials at Fox issued a press release touting the new competition: Alter Ego merges talent and technology to revolutionize the singing competition show in only a way Fox can do. We are so excited to bring the fantastic, Alanis, Grimes, Nick and Rocsi together as they search for the next big singing star, allowing incredible vocalists a chance to realize their dreams and perform like never before.”

So what specifically goes into the makeup of Alter Ego? Well, some things will be left as a surprise for viewers to discover when the show premieres Wednesday evenings this coming fall on Fox, but we do know these salient details, Dear and Constant Reader – The series will spotlight folks from all walks of life who have never been able to catch that Big Break. The twist is, Masked Singer-style, the contestants will not perform as themselves, but as their dream avatar (ah, 2021…), implementing motion capture and visual effects to “become the performer they’ve always wanted to be.” No comment here Ladies and Gents: I’ll let you sit with that one, no snark needed from me.

 At any rate, it’s always nice to get a dose of Alanis Morissette who is also busy providing her famed vocal skills for the Fox animated series The Great North. And, while it certainly ain’t Star Search, this intrepid yellow journalist will be front and center this fall when Alter Ego premieres!

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